Thursday, May 11, 2017

Maxim - Baddest Breed Ft. Cianna Blaze (with InsideInfo Remix) [Death Drum Rebel]

Maxim just keeps churning out the quality releases this year, as he returns for his next release on Death Drum Rebel, with long-time collaborator Cianna Blaze. 'Baddest Breed' is yet more of Maxim's signature Drum & Bass sound but this time he has enlisted A-list remixer, Viper Recordings very own, Insideinfo.
Cianna Blaze has been working with Maxim for a while now, and the results are always top-notch. No change here on 'Baddest Breed', in fact, she is in rare form and spits with venom and passion over Maxim's rolling beats, bass and hunting synths.

Insideinfo then turns in an epic and Neurofunk flavoured reworking of the original that utilises Cianna's outstanding vocal perfectly. This is one for any discerning dancefloor warrior.

Maxim, Death Drum Rebel & Cianna Blaze are all on top form with this release. Add to that a gargantuan remix from one of the scenes biggest hitter in the form of Insideinfo and you have a very special release!




Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beat Assassins - Crazy ft Alex Holmes (SKMA Remix) [MOFO Recordings]

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There comes a time when an electronic music producer just want to make some filth and Crazy ft Alex Holmes is the result of just that. Crazy is by far the dirtiest track yet by Beat Assassins (BA). 

"Yeah it's a beast" explains Jimmy from BA. "But I wanted to make the kind of track you build towards at the end of your set. That 3am banger that roars from the rig and obliterates the club. The kind of track that gets played when the club is at its most intense. When the sweat is dripping from the ceiling. The rig is at its loudest and the crowd are screaming for the filth and the fury." 
Crazy does most definitely tick those boxes but let's not forget those lush vocal tones from Alex Holmes. 

"Alex nailed it," says Jimmy. "That whole broken heart, female angst vocal over the piano, strings and arpeggios before the neuro bass drop always kills it for me."

But not every DJ is looking for full throttle drum n bass so let's cue the SKMA remix that takes Crazy to the far opposite spectrum of drum & bass.

SKMA's interpretation of the original is just pure lush! Liquid drum n bass at its most fluid. It has an epic like, melancholy-movie-quality to it, as deep rolling subs, strings, pianos and pads all intertwine at the same time whilst bringing a dramatic, yet haunting delivery of Alex Holmes' beautiful voice. 


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Friday, May 5, 2017

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Holdin On (Technique Summer LP Sampler Part 1) [Technique Recordings]

It’s that time once again! Time for barbecues, beaches, blue skies and a heavyweight selection of bangers to soundtrack it all. Yes, as is now established tradition, the arrival of the sun signals a brand new Technique Summer LP, and the first taste of it is here. It’s something fresh from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, the label bosses themselves. So, you know this is going to be big.
Right from the first uplifting warm strings and piano chords, Holdin On has hands-in-the- air anthem written all over it. Those soaring vocals ramp up the euphoria even further, and make this a tune that you’re definitely going to want to pull back and play from the top. Drumsound & Bassline Smith then give us one of their trademark monumental builds to make this a guaranteed floor-filler.
We’re dropped into deeply satisfying skank-out material. Over the top of seething pulses of bass and crisp, rolling drums, there’s a percussive riff which makes this tune instantly recognisable. As this melds with reconfigured twists on the vocal melody, al the elements combine into an epic production that’s going to light up the biggest venues and most panoramic festival stages 2017 has to offer. In short, it’s a big tune.
It might only be the first glimpse of what the Technique Summer LP 2017 has to offer, but this release a killer in its own right. Technique’s seasonal compilations are notoriously huge and diverse, but if Holdin On is anything to go by, the levels could be the highest yet. It’s going to be a good summer

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beat Assassins - See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie [MOFO Recordings]

Beat Assassins return with a brand new release for 2017. 

This time returning to their trade mark sound of quirky, vocal driven drum n bass. 
See Ma Go Gun brings another collaboration with the rising British rap star Miss Stylie. Some of you may remember her collaboration with Beat Assassins on their hugely successful "War Dem" that was played on Friction's Radio One show and reached top 20 in the Beatport dnb charts. 
See Ma Gun Go has Miss Stylie's rap flow coming fast and furious over the breaks while riding the driving bass. There is no hesitation here in delivering a full vocal slam. However the catchy chorus does offer a poignant message in everyday ghetto life. 

Off course those DJs & producers wanting a peak-time, big-room, full-throttle drum n bass destruction will turn to the Toronto Is Broken (TIB) remix. T.I.B delivers a monster, hoover-lead-bassline, that throws down across a very clever use of the original vocal and leads. A sure fire destroyer! 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Caspa - Get Higher [Subsoldiers]

Some say ‘vibes’, Caspa prefers ‘Vibrations’: Not just a more formal, respectful term for the oscillating phenomenon that guarantees we hear anything in life but the name of his exciting new series. His first substantial solo body of work since the forthright horsepower and back-to-basics attitude of ‘500’ in 2014/15, ‘Vibrations’ continues his ever-refined stripped-back, broadsword bass vision. 
Dark, dangerous and designed for the underground, each dispatch is tailored with one pure purpose: proper dancefloor buzzes…. Following on from Umbongo and Venom, we now introduce to the world ‘Get Higher’ With its head-bending vocal sample trickery, ‘Get Higher’ takes us straight to the church of hype. Front pew. Causing drama on a classical level, the hair-raising pitch bend of the vocal rises with raw prang theatrics while a stern signature groove thunders beneath with cathedral-shaking weight and clarity. 

As with every mission Caspa embarks on, expect no fluff or faltering: ‘Vibrations’ is about the core reason we all got into this in the first place, it’s about laying down dark vibes in small underground rooms for gatherings of people who have united with purpose. With at least three more instalments of ‘Vibrations’ locked and loaded and potentially more to come, the tremors are only just kicking in. Some say vibes, others say vibrations, we say stay tuned…


Monday, March 13, 2017

L Plus - Hideout LP [Technique Recordings]

After our anticipation was pushed to breaking point, it’s finally here. Pieces of this album have been circulating for a while now, chalking up support from the likes of Radio 1’s Friction, DC Breaks, Tantrum Desire, Crissy Criss, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and a whole host of other heavy hitters. And you wouldn’t really expect anything less, given this artist’s pedigree. He’s been in the game since the late nineties, chalking up some hugely successful releases on some of the biggest labels in drum’n’bass. As a DJ, he’s a regular fixture at huge shows in his native Slovakia and beyond. And, since signing exclusively to Technique in 2011, his position as one of the scene’s top tier producers, able to flex engineering skill and musicianship in equal measure. So strap in. It’s L Plus’s debut LP and it’s a monster.

The title track, "Hideout", lays out the blueprint. Never quite predictable, the tune takes us on a quirky journey through unexpected chord patterns and structural experimentation, and that’s just in the intro. Make no mistake, though, L Plus hasn’t compromised on sheer rave-hyping ability either, the huge build-up is definitely warranted by the weight and power of the drop. And that trend continues. You’ll probably already be familiar with cuts like "Creature Must Die" and "Avenger", which strike that perfect balance between individuality and dancefloor energy.

And that’s just the start of what the album has to offer. Take the warm nostalgia of "Battleground" for example. There’s real depth of emotion in the classic-synth melodies, delivered in a way you won’t have heard before. Then there’s "Make You Feel", a twisted and techy journey through rhythm programming, and the half-speed madness of Get Ugly. The one constant feature is that all of these tunes, however expressive or resistant to pigeon-holing, are built to make ravers move.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Technique Recordings album without some heavyweight collaborations. The mighty John B passes through on "Original 80’s", to push some synth-pop and electro flavours to the limit. "Muffler" joins in on the uncategorisable orchestra-meets-filth of "Cinematic". Drumsound & Bassline Smith add their spin to the melody and griminess collision of "Jetpack". Plus the rock-solid mic man Coppa graces "Lock to the Greatest" with his presence to add a whole new facet to the sound.

You’d better believe this just scratches the surface. We all know L Plus’s productions have layers to uncover, so this album is going to bear repeated listening as well as heavy rotation in raves and across airwaves. When that’s true of every single track on an LP, you know we’ve got something special on our hands. The anticipation was justified. Check it.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Alibi - Trunk feat. MC Coppa / No Escape feat. Nitro [ V Recordings]

shape of Trunk b/w No Escape. Their recent single with Command Strange 'Skyline', which spent 2 weeks at Beatport #1, proved that they aren't adverse to a collaboration. To continuing this winning formula they've hooked up with long time D&B vocalist MC Coppa to provide the lyrical artillery on 'Trunk', and their Brazilian compadre Nitri on 'No Escape'.

 This single takes things dark and dirty, and Alibi once again show their versatility. Both tracks taking nods from early Virus sounds, laced with V funk and 21st century depth and precision to their production. Effortlessly mixing the rough with the smooth they are carving a unique sound for themselves, and getting better and better, with every release!
Having already has support from Andy C, Bryan Gee, DJ Marky, Friction, DJ Hype and more, this is one D&B outfit that is really starting to stand out from the crowd. DJ Chap & Level 2's combination as Alibi is proving to be the real deal.

With a debut album in the pipeline for the legendary V Recordings, with a host of potential collaborators already teased across social media, they are taking things very seriously indeed. And on top of this the last 6 months has also seen a slew of live appearances across Europe and their South American homeland, as well as a standout set along MC GQ at 2016's SUNANDBASS festival. All this means it might just be time for you to sit up and take notice, or you're gonna need a good Alibi!

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