Monday, October 2, 2017

Amy True - Change (VIDEO)

UK Hip Hop star Amy True is about to come with her MASSIVE album 11 (which we just got the promo for and its banging).. While you wait for it though, (and pre order it) check out the video for 'Change'. This one is wicked. It get the full Bula SALUTE!!!


Monday, September 25, 2017

Himalia Top 5 most Influential artists

Himalia hits us with a fresh EP 'Situations'.  A stunning multi genre release, incorporating some beautiful vocals from Laurelle and Jade Parker.

With a release like this, there must be some diverse influences there.  We found out what Himalia's five most influential tracks of all time are.

Get your copy of the Situations EP HERE:

This track has been on constant rotation since release, Im a massive fan of Sorrow and his styles of production. 

Ive know woody for a couple of years now and Ive been a massive fan of his liquid style Dnb. I like to listen to a lot of liquid and this track is one of my favourites from his Souvenirs Album. 

Kay’s production is like no other and it has made me discover so many different types of vibes. This track in particular is one of my favourites, Im a massive fan of Vic Mensa too. 

Synkro is one of my all time favourite producers and this track has a lot of hidden meaning to me. Every release that Synkro has had has been in my catalogue. 

Ive only recently found Villain Park and they’re style/flow is awesome. Reminds me of that old school style with that new school flow. Hip hop has always been a massive part of my life. 



Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tomcraft - What Does It Feel Like? [DBStereo Ltd]

Following hard on the heels of Tim Healey’s widely supported and radio-aired debut on DB Stereo, release 2 sees label owner Tomcraft take the stage with his latest opus.

No stranger to global number 1’s, the Munich-based ‘Loneliness’ producer serves up a slice of ultra groovy tech-funk. A DJ-friendly intro and vocoded vocal carves up the sonics with its cut-up groove before the juggernaut kick and bass slam in.

Road-tested across the globe by Tomcraft this spring and summer, the tune has been an anchor in his sets teleporting the dancefloor to euphoric beat-laden boogie heaven, whenever and wherever it’s unleashed.

On remix duty and ahead of their debut single on the label next month is Bennun & Healey - Tim Healey’s new project with Bristolian sound-smith Colin Bennun. They mine a throbbing techno groove, where rolling sub bass collides with a de-tuned Arp to deliver party pandaemonium. Like the sonic lovechild of Skream and Solomun - this is peak-time perfection.

The Mucho Stylez rework digs a deep clubby-tech vibe and tribal groove, paying homage to the vocoded vocal from the original but peppering the arrangement with a progressive groove and racing high hats.

It’s another belter from DB Stereo.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Welcome to the Jungle Vol. 5 [Jungle Cakes]

Ed Solo and Deekline have spent the better part of two decades at the forefront of bass music. Not only have they been champions of the most raw and dirty beats, many would go so far as to say they are some of the architects of the ragga Jungle sound. These two bad boys have consistently pushed the envelope in new and exciting ways, and are steadfast in their ability to look into the future while always paying homage to their roots. They’re legendary for their skanky riddims as the low end technicians behind classic tunes like “Bad Boys” and “King Of the Bongo.” 
They’ve returned to drop science on the masses for the 5th installment of the Welcome to the Jungle series, which has now become a flash point for the freshest and most forward thinking sounds in the genre. Spread across 2 dynamic mixes the boys lay down the bass in an aural journey through dirtnasty bass and crispy clean rhythms. 

The Jungle Cakes crew always pays intensely close attention to detail, and only selects tunes that are both teeth rattling and forward thinking. Industry heavyweights like Serum, Bladerunner, Serial Killaz, Benny Page and JFB have all laid down the weight contributing their best beats to knock the subs. Of course No Jungle Cakes compilation would be complete without a dizzying array of edits, remixes and originals from the bad boys themselves: Deekline and Ed Solo. Like the four comps before it, this is destined to become a future classic.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Caspa - 33 Degrees [Sub Soldiers]

The late night tremors persist… Caspa’s single-track ‘Vibrations Series’ continues with another demonstrative dead drop. Having launched late last year with the perennial underground smasher ‘Umbongo’, followed by the heavy drama and high demand of ‘Venom’ and ‘Get Higher’ the low-end pioneer’s mission is simple: To deliver crystal club hitters with singular focus on quality, no unnecessary fluff or flab to any release, just precision focused primetime dark room bass that make every bone in your body vibrate. Well, the clue is in the title.
Next up in the series is ’33 Degrees’. Not just the perfect temperature for living and playing, or indeed an acute angle, but a track loaded with such stark strings and solar science we guarantee every hair on your skin will stand on end. Fuelled by a series of warm, unhurried modulations that take a tonal twist on the second drop, the tune ploughs deep into the cosmos with a strident dynamic that leaves nothing in its wake. Ageless classicism.

With no final date in sight and Caspa going on record to say he’s sitting on the biggest percy stash of bangers he’s ever made, these tremors are only going to get louder. Trust us; we’re going to be feeling good “Vibrations” for long time yet. Like we said, the clue is in the title…



Friday, June 2, 2017

Genzo - Top 5 Technique Artist Tracks of All Time (Various Artists - Technique Summer 2017)

Who doesn't love the sound of summer?  Technique Recording have today dropped the Summer 2017 compilation and it's full of exclusives, 2 DJ mixes and summertime bangers.  Genzo is on the release and gave us his Top 5 Technique Artist tracks of all time.

1. The Truth - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
That lick, that bass. So simple, so good!

2. Reach - Tantrum Desire
This vocal is so catchy I couldn’t get it out of my head for months! This track works in the club as well as in the car or on your mobile phones.

3. R U Ready - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Just a big stomper that shakes the crowd anytime it drops.

4. Rock Your Body - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
My personal earwig and dancefloor destroyer tune back in 2008. I dropped it in a multitude of different mixes.

5. Ready To Go - Tantrum Desire
The perfect double drop tune. Every time that marvelous vocal comes thru the hands move up.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mark Ruff Ryder - An Album of Joy [Strictly Underground Records]

The dance music world has changed so much since its beginnings of illegal warehouse raves and congregating at the petrol station phone box waiting for that phone to ring so that everyone could find out where that secret warehouse rave was taking place.
Yes, you would have to go back to 1989 and the birth of raving to truly ever understand how magical it really was and how the unity and love of all people from all walks of life would gather just to dance the night away.

Now days everything is like the fast food industry music is instantly disposable and artist are called legends and every new tracks an Anthems in the blink of an eye and then all forgotten again to be replaced by the next legend playing the next anthem but if you dig deeper than the throw away modern world you will still find genuine record producers who have and continue to make music that stands the test of time.

Mark Ruff Ryder has been involved in the music scene since its beginnings he is not like any other you might meet in fact the chances of meeting him is near on impossible. He travels the world making music and chasing the sun on his very own lonely mission.

Mark has been behind some of the biggest dance music anthems over countless years and yet his name is rarely bantered about and there is a reason for this. For mark the music is the key and his mission is to keep creating it in every style and form he can without the stigma of being labelled as a one style record producer.

Every now and then his name appears and then it’s gone but the music lives on though the many changes and fazes of fashion earning the title of Anthem by those who both do and don't understand the meaning of the word.

“In order to truly understand dance music you have to understand rave culture”
Mark Ruff Ryder 

The birth of the digital explosion made mark pull back and regroup his approach to how he was going to present his music and only now after many false starts is mark ready to put his name above many of his artist personas. This first release like every release mark makes has its own story behind it in the included sleeve notes as everything mark does has a genuine musical reason behind it.

It’s been a long journey but Mark has been working on many albums exclusively for iTunes release and today we present one of his most recently know anthems with brand new remixes and a double helping of super pounding bass that only Mark Ruff Ryder knows how to create.

It’s time to inform the world that Mark Ruff Ryder is back and he is about to turn the digital confusion in to a more focused artist lead scene as he releases many brand-new albums in the coming year starting with ‘An Album of JOY’
Mark Ruff Ryder Returns…

Mark Ryder works exclusively With Apple iTunes worldwide. 
None of his music is available on any other music site.

As the album title suggests
This is a whole album containing ever mix of this massive club anthem pulse some brand new remixes.
This will be the first time any of these tracks have been made available for digital release so with your help and support this really could once again become the anthem of summer 2017 !