Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Brian Brainstorm - Liondub Street Series Vol. 20 – Kill A Sound

Rising star Brian Brainstorm returns to the fold and rolls out 5 massive new cuts for Volume 20 of Liondub's infamous Street Series.

 Brainstorm's aggressive, signature Jungle sound is fused with the heaviest elements of reggae and Drum and Bass to guarantee the title in any rave or clash. 

Spain's Ricky Tuff joins in on production for two final tracks that seal the deal with weight. Brainstorm continuously produces tried and tested, go-to Jungle bangers and his notoriety and respect on the circuit keeps steadily rising. 

Brian Brainstorm might look simple but he is never soft.

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Leaf - Monsoon EP [Serial Killaz]

Rainfall and devastation puns aside, the ‘Monsoon’ EP is currently causing a commotion on dance floors across the globe. A producer fresh from the Serial Killaz stable, Leaf is not only bringing fresh beats to the masses, he’s also smashing it on the DJ circuit.

From dirty rolling beats to simplistic steppy breakbeats this EP is a collective of modern jump up at it’s finest. Coupled with Leaf’s trademark snare and clever production techniques this collection of tunes is certainly sticking with the ‘less is more’ formula and boy it works!

The EP’s title track ‘Monsoon’ has already been battered by the likes of DJ Hype, TC, Voltage, T>I, Nicky Blackmarket and Serial Killaz and is certainly setting the trend for the new era of rough, rugged and raw jump up. It’s one of those tunes that can easily stand on it’s on but drop it with something equally as heavy and you’re onto a crowd battering frenzy. Incoming reload!

Cinematic, glitch ridden beats and huge dirty basslines can be found in abundance with ‘Wu-Style’ and talking of dirty basslines, ‘Gunman’ is really something else. Picture a squat rave with 10,000 bass bins and double the amount of mucky ravers and you get the idea.

This EP is 100% no filler, all 4 tunes stand the test of time and considering how fast our scene is moving, that’s a big statement.

The beats on this EP are so tough you may just need protective knee pads in the dance!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jason Laidback - Heroes in Heaven DJ Mix

Months of blood, sweat, tears and fears over this DJ mix but music is about freedom of expression so this is my personal tribute to all the talented blessed souls that have influenced me and that are sadly no longer with us. 
Keep enjoying and spreading the word on the originals but if bass and beats float your boat then maybe this mix is a way of enjoying these heroes of ours in a different way.

R.I.P to all the amazing talented artists on here, missed but never ever forgotten. xx

Love, light and bass
From touring with The Prodigy, to remixing De La Soul, to releasing dance albums under Laidback and Slyde on Finger Lickin, the beat goes on with London DJ residencies and Jason running his own breaks and garage label Nightprowl.
Out now is Namechecka! with a Leeroy Thornhill Remix and there's a forthcoming Dub Pistols Remix out soon alongside lots of remix giveaways on the major Soundcloud accounts. With strong Juno chart action, excellent reviews in DJ Magazine, good radio support and lots of remixes, collaborations and releases lined up, it's time for a special new 'Heroes In Heaven' DJ mix on The Armory Podcast. Once all the new tunes see the light of day, some more touring is on the horizon for next year so catch Laidback on a dance floor near you soon!

For more information on Jason Laidback visit:
Artwork by www.jempanufnik

Ram Records Goes to Let it Roll

The world’s biggest drum & bass festival is approaching and with it comes

some of the scene’s most formidable imprints. With over two decades of

experience, Ram has heralded the genre since its inception. And this year,

they’ll be taking over the insanely engineered Factory stage with a line up

like no other, featuring the heaviest names across their roster.

In celebration of their stage takeover, the imprint has provided four fresh

cuts to whet your appetite. In association with the festival, they’ve picked a

host of names to provide a soundtrack to your summer.

Up first comes the long awaited release of Calyx & TeeBee’s ‘Get it Twisted’.

Following the runaway success of their 2nd LP on Ram, this is a welcome

follow up, with reverberating LFO which flicks between the vocal talents of

Calyx himself. Proving they’re kingpins of the game, there’s no better way to

reintroduce you to Ram’s most resounding veterans.

Then the monumental collaboration between Rene LaVice and Current Value

rolls out next. A pairing seldom seen, they bring together two varying styles

that merge to create something both irrevocably huge and drivingly

dynamic. With Rene’s tell-tale production standard merged with the gritty,

tech-infused sounds of Current Value, ‘Calm the Fuck Down’ is anything but

a wind down.
June Miller’s slice of stabbing bass ‘Spin Test’ is exactly what you’d expect;

ingenious in its design, with pounding drum loops amongst a tightly knit

composition. A duo who come with no apologies, they’ve been on the genre’s

forefront since with debut ‘Robots & Romans’ LP, and this next output

proves they’re here to stay.

Changing the tone slightly is Ram Records guest Madface, who once again

teams up with Janine Small for a stunning vocal number that provides a

lighter hue. Soft pads and vocal crescendos bring you deep into the mix,

demonstrating Madface’s ability to encapsulate the versatile sounds of the

spectrum’s lighter end.

So, let Ram take you into Prague this summer… 

As the countdown is on until

this year’s biggest drum & bass festival detonates subs and ear drums


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Monday, July 25, 2016

Jimi Needles - Gimme The Call - Official Video

Jimi Needles Hooks up

With Great Scott & Skilf

For a Glitchy Jazzy Little Number

“ Give Me The Call “

Out Now on Rocstar Recordings

Friday, July 22, 2016

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Im Gone feat. BullySongs

Out now -Beatport -

We've barely recovered from the sun-scorched assault of Technique's Summer 2016 album, and yet, already, there's more Drumsound & Bassline Smith material for us to get our ears around. Proving they've got too much fire for one label to contain, their recent excursions on Playaz and Function Records have been setting raves alight, and now they're back on their home turf. So, what have the Technique bosses cooked up for us this time?

First on the menu is “I'm Gone”. And this one isn't just a Tune with a capital T, it's also a Song with a capital S. BullySongs hasn't just provided a singalong hook, but a fully structured lyric which drives the track just as much as the relentless bassline. From the lighters-up intro through to the soar of the build to the solar-plexus strike of the drop, this is going to deliver everywhere from festival main stages to early-hours after-parties. No watering-down, no gentle chaser, just a neat shot of pure vocal drum and bass.



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sub Slayers: Series 05 - Garage Bassline - mixed by Toronto Is Broken

Reaching number 5 in the series, Sub Slayers continues to show the diversity and depth of its back catalogue gems.

This time the focus turns to the more Garage and Bassline influenced tracks that have graced many sound systems round the world.

Topping this off is an exclusive DJ mix by Toronto Is Broken

1. SourKrush - Giving Me Life feat Honey Larochelle (Dead Belly remix)
2. Dead Belly - Friction
3. Atomic Drop - Laundry Time
4. Toronto Is Broken - Sorrow feat Amy Kirkpatrick
5. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (Scott Garcia remix)
6. Gella feat MC $pyda - Twinkle (Original Mix)
7. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (Jinx In Dub remix)
8. Hoodoo - Show Me Fire
9. Urban Knights - Jamaica to Miami Feat Daddy Freddy (Rebel Sonix 'Bass' remix)
10. Toronto Is Broken - Please Don't Go
11. Gella - Vapour Trail
12. King Yoof - Soundboy Love feat Rony Blue & Mr Williamz (Gold Dubs & Nushu remix)
13. High Rankin - Sitting In The Wet
14. Jinx In Dub - Shaka Sonics ft Mikey Don
15. Serial Killaz - Dutty Sound
16. Gold Dubs - Selecta
17. Gold Dubs - Death Mask
18. King Yoof vs Gold Dubs - Big Belly Riddim
19. Dead Belly - Bad Man Talk feat Ghost Writerz & G.O.L.D
20. Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Solomon - Come With The Love (Toronto Is Broken remix)
21. Atomic Drop - What You Wish feat MaryMissFairy
22. Toronto Is Broken - Never Let You Go (Feat. Jodie Carnall)
23. Toronto Is Broken - Rosuto
24. Gold Dubs - The Rhythm feat Nike
25. Toronto Is Broken - Hear You
26. Electric Friends - Electric Friends (Toronto Is Broken remix)
27. Various Artists - Sub Slayers: Series 05 - Garage Bassline (mixed by Toronto Is Broken)