Thursday, September 22, 2016

Various Artists - Welcome to the Jungle Vol. 4 [Jungle Cakes]

The Jungle Cakes Compilation is always reason to get excited. 

Welcome to the Jungle 4 is your essential dirty beat compilation mixed to perfection by 

the don of the raga himself, 

Benny Page. 

The man behind such hits as 'Turn Down the Lights' and 'Champion Sound' has put together a belter of a mix featuring 40 irie bass bin beats spanning all forms of ragga bass. 

Get down and get after it.



Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dawn Raid - Make Me Move EP

Randall presents the mighty Mac 2 recordings with a brand new release from Dawn Raid.

Make Me Move: Right from the start you feel the force of the cavernous twisted filtered drums, aided with its vocal stabs. Blasting off with a rock-solid, skanking bass, taking you on a constant rolling excursion. The bass seizes you and holds you in a state of groove. Mid section the half stepping, staggered drum pattern diverts you briefly, before launching back into its dense and deep hypnotic motion.

The Bartender: This track grabs from the start, opening up with its smooth filtered drums and silky soulful vocals. Setting the mood with an uplifting, feel good summer vibe. It then lifts off with a solid, rolling bass that will get any dance floor moving. It then gets deeper, shifting up the mood with some lively drum percussion and slick vocals keeping you moving right to the end. Be sure not to miss this one.

Light the Beacons: Opening wit h some serious classic drum vibes, perfect for any DJ to mix, putting you in the mood for something big to come. When it does, it absolutely explodes with rugged growling bass and rolling snares, taking you on a deep dark journey. This track unconditionally gives you no time to breath, keeping up its fiery energy throughout, twisting and turning as it goes leaving you with an intense desire to let loose.

Sirklz - Ghosts In The Machine - Free Download

Sirklz - Dystopiary (feat. the Scribes) is a smouldering, malevolent compendium of songs loosely falling in the rap/hip-hop category, flecked with traces of Juke, Footwork, Electronica, Trap and Glitch.

In addition to barnstorming remixes from Figure of Wax and Kreen, the EP features 5 vocal tracks - four of which come courtesy of UK indie-rap luminaries The Scribes, while the other features Ewan Hoozami on the nightmarish Treading Water.

The Scribes bring dystopian, end-of-days lyrical content and bristling passion to the table, giving Dystopiary a double-shot of venom to go with the bullish beats, driving instrumentation and humungous basslines.

Ghosts in the Machine comes complete with a Radio edit, Instrumental, and an exclusive Sirklz remix of Brighton Ska band The Meow Meows!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bensley - Out Last Chance ft. Skyelle

Buy it here -

For his next output, Bensley flexes an even wider range of skill.

He takes on the vocal talent of Skyelle, who utilizes her ranges to add

an emotional flare between each layer of noise, delivering another

notch to his bedpost whilst offer something

completely different. Juxtaposing his debut album on Ram, its

impressively diversive yet still channels the sonic personality he’s

overseen from the beginning.

Here’s a single yet to open more doors for the artist… One only just

beginning to blossom, despite his already significant prominence.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Original Sin - 'Red Mist'

Buy or Stream:
One of the most recognizable names in the jump-up scene for the past decade, Original Sin has paved a legendary career through his various aliases (including being one half of G-Dub with Sub Zero) with legendary tracks such as: Mad World, Dr. Feels Good, 8 Figure Bass, Pimp Don't Limp, Beyond Thunderdome, Beast City, Champagne Cocktails, and his 2009 album 

‘Grow Your Wings’.
Now making his debut release on Futurebound’s Viper Recordings, the mighty Original Sin has returned, and he's not coming back lightly. With his forthcoming ‘Red Mist EP’, Original Sin opens a new chapter in his career with a diverse 4-track EP lead by the title track ‘Red Mist’, showcasing a new sound and evolution to his production.

Dee - Takeshi - [Menu Music]

Russia has steadily become the new home of Breakbeat over the last few years and with producers like Dee pushing out quality beats it's easy to see why.

The original bounces effortlessly over one of the larges subs we've heard on any system – hold on tight, this ones a floor shaker!

Remix wise My Selecta draws for a grinding house vibe that will be perfectly at home on a Saturday night at fabric.



/// MENU MUSIC Online ///

Friday, September 16, 2016

Oder - Four Thousand Miles EP

Formation records welcomes the brand new signing: 

 ODER - DJ and Producer based out Portugal

Brand new dance floor smasher EP 'Four Thousand Miles' killing dance floor all over the world with a combination heavy beats ,heavy bass & production levels that will stand up against the best in the game. With so much great talent coming through DNB right now, Oder will establish himself amongst the elite with his unique interpretation of Drum & Bass.

Oder has won 'Best DJ', 'Best Producer' & 'Best Track’. at the Portuguese DNB Awards, the latter for his Remix of Electro Anthem 'Warp' by Steve Aoki & The BloodyBeetroots,

In 2012 the legendary rapper Jay Z included the track 'Hymn (DJ Oder Remix)' on his "Summer Beats Per Minute” mixtape, marking one of the biggest achievements in Oder’s career thus far.

// ODER //