Thursday, August 25, 2016

Afro Sam - Rogue EP

Out 310816 on Room2 Records

The amazing “Afro Sam” is one of Manchester's most exciting young up and coming urban artists making their mark on the city's scene today . Hailing from Fallowfield “Afro Sam" is a Manchester born and bred MC with big plans and an even bigger voice .

Banding together with his associates "Blind Mic" and "Kay Bey" they form the group "Free Wize Men" Combining the natures of Hip Hop , Jazz and even Urban Edm (such as Grime and Trap) into one unstoppable force which has been foretold to soon lay to siege the city . Together on their conquest thus far they have conquered many of the venues within the city's walls such as "The Ritz" , "Band on the wall" , “Hidden“ as well as Festivals up and down the country.

Mostly known for his raunchy style of delivery "Afro Sam" portrays the narrative of a young inner city youth and the scenarios which surround him via a creative and playful use of syllabic rhyme and underhand metaphors he vividly paints the picture that has been his life thus far , and the story begins with the debut extended play titled "Rogue" .

The "Rogue Ep" (released Aug 31st 2016) is a collection of songs from over a year of work which explore the the events that had occurred during that period time .
True to its roguish nature it works hard to blur the lines between labels with each song possessing its own unique tempo and timbre completely contrasting to the one previous.

This unpredictable nature is what makes the third “Wize” Man one to watch if you're looking for something refreshing and slightly more unorthodox to tickle your fanc

Mr Bristow & Mako - Electric Bongo Disco

Mr Bristow & Mako

Drop a Ep

Filled Full of Block Party Breaks

Disco and Funk

Its Like Beging

Transported to

The Bronxn in The 1970s 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Crissy Criss & WiDE AWAKE - ‘Light You Up’

Crissy Criss is a renowned name within the drum & bass scene, having years of experience within his musical portfolio as well as a Radio 1Xtra residency which saw him honed into a genre tastemaker. He’s responsible for launching the careers of many titans within the game and now it’s his turn to take the reins.

It only seemed apt that someone like Crissy would create his own label; with the help of Sammy Porter, a London born music producer well known for his crossover anthems played across the capital and the wider raving scope, they created Machine Made Records VIP. It’s on this imprint that Crissy, alongside production outfit WiDE AWAKE, is about to detonate dancefloors globally with collaborative effort ‘Light You Up’.

WiDE AWAKE are a reckonable force within their own right, having amassed over six million streams on their recent Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’ remix, catching attention worldwide despite being relative newcomers. Already smashing the club circuit, they turned their hands to production. With Crissy having recently taken on remix duties for their previous single ‘Wide Awake’ ft. Jacob Banks, they began to swap projects between studios. Heralded by the likes of Skrillex, Annie Mac, Jaguar Skills and other big names, the pairing of such great musical minds made complete sense.

With that, ‘Light You Up’ was born. Slick, yet exposing a much softer side to Crissy's production through the artists' assortment of styles, whilst still holding weight between each layer of sound. Snapping beat patterns and pounding drums filter through the mix, whilst one by one you're introduced to each segment of composition between surges of bass. WiDE AWAKE bring their dancefloor, crowd infused hooks whilst Crissy brings his unrelenting power.

So here's to yet another milestone in the Crissy Criss discography, one featuring a genre-busting duo who are infamous in their own right. ‘Light You Up' is sure to reach the club and festival rounds this summer… Because it epitomises a new breed of producer, one showcased through their own platform and straight into an already receptive audience.

Teddy Killerz - Killer Squad EP

Since its inception, the ‘Killer Squad EP’ was going to be

undeniably huge. Featuring some of the most resounding

names across drum & bass, it’s a meeting of titans bringing

together the scene’s most mind-breaking production

standards. Using these collaborations to pedestal their

extensive experience across all musical platforms, this

EP is a monumental landmark for Teddy Killerz journey.

Up first, sees a return of the formidable Teddy Killerz and June

Miller super group. Deviating from the sound of their last joint

single release and demonstrating the vast repertoire they’re

able to tap into, it’s a driving riddim which ducks, 

dives and dashes between breaks.

 Unrelenting with rave-style reece and

a stocky baseline taking you forward,

it’s the perfect starter for what’s yet to come.

Sputnik’ sees Teddy Killerz partner with historical figurehead

Gridlok, who heads up this nitty roller underpinned with

distorted bass and lofty stabs. 

Teddy Killerz bring their techy,

cruncing personality amongst 

systematic breakdowns and

elevating beat patterns. 

Nefarious, yet ingeniously built,

‘Sputnik’ will take you into the morning’s earliest hours.

The merging of Teddy Killerz and Audio’s fearsome talent

brings expected results, but they’re no less devastating.

Flipped samples and clanking percussion dip between

reverberating kick drum. Nastily slick, 

‘Bugs’ is robotic in

design and remorseless in its application.

And lastly, comes the Czech supernova 


Well known for administrating a 

darkly eclectic style on the decks,

he brings thesame energy for 

‘Horror Show’.

 Aptly named, your aural nerves are

grated by its foreboding intro,

launching you head first through a mix of

pounding kick drum and distortion.

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Rony Blue - I'm So Sorry - Sub Slayers

Rony Blue returns to Sub Slayers once again with the labels Junglist mainstay King Yoof, this time though, they bring something very different to the table...

With the blessing of Carroll Thompson, . Staying true to the original vibe and composition Rony’s sultry vocals glide effortlessly over Yoof’s classic riddim.

I’m So Sorry see’s Rony pull out all the stops showcasing just how much of a talented hidden gem she is, graceful yet powerful all the way. King Yoof’s productions are stepping up no end, having recent produced the Grime hit ‘Who Can Draw’ for D Power, Frisko & Demolition Man, Yoof’s game is becoming second to none and this re-working of a classic adds more fuel to the King’s fire.

For a remix there really only was one man for the job: Potential Badboy. After his genre shaking album last year, Potential just keeps on pushing forward and his remix of I’m So Sorry further fuels the fire trail he leaves behind.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

I Got 5 On It (Frankee More Bootleg) - Free D/L

Frankee More

Gets a Stone Cold Hiphop Classic

Gives it a Glitchy twist

“ I Got 5 on it “

Its a party starter

Free Tune :)

Bass Brothers - WTF EP [Playaz Recordings]

Hailing from the Portuguese city of Viana do Castelo, the Bass Brothers have been making global waves since they started back in 2011. After phenomenal support from DJ Hype, Crissy Cris, Hazard along side many more, they were awarded the title of ‘Best National D&B Producers’ at the COP Drum & Bass Awards 2013.

Since exclusively signing to Playaz Recordings they have gone from strength to strength and their latest offering WTF EP is nothing short of genius.

From the earth shattering subs on WTF to minimal yet funk fuelled Kravitz, Junglist jump up vibes on Dunno A Dread to the soulful grooves on I’m Out featuring Kyara this is clearly a EP showcasing the boys diversity and creative flow. Teaming up with label mates Jam Thieves, Pusher steps up next with devastative drops, Deadly Spawn drives forward with relentless energy then Garden Of Eden wraps things up nicely with a deep and techy vibe.

Pure D&B diversity with mass dance floor appeal.