Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Futuristik - Waterborne / Feeling This Way [Liquicity Records]

After his breakout hit, 'Sun' on the 2nd edition of Liquicty's 'Alchemy' compilation, Estonian producer, Futuristik returns to the label with his own single 'Waterborne / Feeling This Way'
Waterborne' featuring Miyoki is BIG and soulful. A perfectly crafted, half time DnB ballad of epic proportions. This one would easily fill the sound system at festivals around the world, whilst still feeling very at home on day-time radio.

'Feeling This Way' featuring Charlotte Haining has an uplifting vibe whilst still minting that traditional DNB swing.

All in all, a great EP from Futuristik that fits perfectly with the Liquicity sound!



Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tantrum Desire - Repeat Ft. Coppa (Document One Remix) [Technique Recordings]

Tantrum Desire’s 2015 debut album Diversified demonstrated the sheer range and depth of music that the TD studio was capable of delivering. With tunes as varied as the gigantic I Need You Here, the aggressively percussive Pump and the classically lo-fi Back for Love, this LP reflected almost every flavour that D&B has to offer.

The project isn’t over yet, though. Now, we’re being treated to a series of remixes to offer even more twists to the formula. For this instalment, the Document One boys have dissected and reconfigured the Coppa-laced Repeat.

The elements of this tune suit Document One’s jazzfunk-hip-hop approach to D&B perfectly. A darkly atmospheric intro drops into Coppa’s vocals backed by a subtle half-speed beat. We get a moment to get used to nodding our heads to this before things are twisted into hyper-rave-mode with synth-stabs signalling it’s time to get set.

Then the grimy warp of the bassline hits, with Document One’s signature popping drums and funk energy. Coppa’s bars ride over the top, providing extra boosts of percussive energy to keep the dancefloor bubbling. And the old skool breakdown and big build into the second drop means that this is more than just a simple roller, it’s got the weight and power to do serious damage in the rave.

This is only round two of the Diversified remix series, and already it’s clear that there’s way more to explore in the Tantrum Desire sound. And with the kind of talent that Technique have on the roster for relick duties, we should expect nothing but fireworks. 

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

PRofit - Top 5 tunes



Dropped his Debut Album

This Month

“ True Colours “

This  Album  is Reppin the 

UK Hiphop Seen Ina Big way

Make sure you check it out .

Here is his Top Five Tunes !!

Strange U - 'The cake is a lie'- This tune just bangs, in fact the whole EP #2040 is wicked.

Roots Manuva - 'Chin High'
- I've been a fan of Manuva since I first heard 'Brand New Second Hand'. It's his approach to crossing styles and doing it his way that then make it his own style. I liked 'Yellow Submarine' to, which I would say is a little more Electro vibes but this one just nudged it for me.

Foreign Beggars & Noisia - 'Contact'
- A friend played this to me when it first came out with the intro of; "check this out PRof this is all you" and they were right. I was feeling that tune from the moment I heard it and I can't fault it now. I had just finished making Push Back before I heard it, which is part of the reason I think my friend was so keen to play it to me, but it just summed up what I was trying to do for Push Back and they smashed in it the way both Noisia and the Beggars do - they're a good combo together as the other collabs are a testament to.

The Prodigy - 'Diesel Power'
- There are better Prodigy tunes but this one is closest to the cross over vibe in my opinion and it's still a good track.

Offshore - 'Round & Round'
- It's a little bubbler plus with the Hip Hop / Electro vibe I have to put some Offshore in there. I met Ewan years ago, he went to Uni with one of my oldest friends so we became friends that way. Sadly Ewan passed away in 2012 and he is greatly missed. He was a great guy and a real talent as far as I'm concerned and he had that Electro, Hip Hop vibe on lock.

Profit - True Colours out now -Buy: http://hyperurl.co/vqcez6


Defcon UK

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Camo & Krooked - If I Could / Ember

Massive new Camo & Krooked!

Camo & Krooked have officially announced their fourth album: ‘Mosaik’,

‘Mosaik’ is a musical montage comprising Camo & Krooked’s every influence

and ambition, fusing the fractured fallout from their agenda-setting third album

‘Zeitgeist’. A personal drive to strive even further into the electronic music

unknown and create an even bigger picture than they’ve ever created before…

Their influence, motifs and techniques still referenced across drum & bass to

this day, with ‘Mosaik’, Reinhard Rietsch (Camo) and Markus Wagner (Krooked)

wish to change their own personal game entirely. Building on what they’ve

established during their 10-year career, yet bucking every trend, technique and

common tool of the trade, ‘Mosaik’ is written like, sounds like and will be

delivered like no other album.
The first new music to reach all of us will be ‘If I Could’ and ‘Ember’ from today.

Both tracks are charged with the duo’s crisp, melodic, minimal

drum & bass signature while hinting at something new and exciting. 

‘If I could’

features brand new vocalist Joe Killington. 

A UK singer who chanced upon an

early demo and won the duo’s ears on the basis of a rough iPhone demo


Camo & Krooked

RAM Records

The Grinders - Way of the Lion - 25/11/16

Rumble with The Grinders!

The Grinders 

Drop there new Project 

 Way of the Lion 

On 25/11/16 

A 15 tracker  Album of Dubby Reggae 


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Drumsound & Bassline Smith -Shutdown

The bosses are back to show us how it’s done. Seemingly more prolific than ever, with releases on multiple labels in recent months, Drumsound & Bassline Smith have returned to their home turf with something brand new. You’ll have already heard this dealing out some damage on Friction’s Radio 1 show, and now it’s been unleashed.

Shutdown opens with the dark horns and meditative chimes of a horror soundtrack. So far, so tense. But then we’re taken on a series of unexpected detours which serve to build anticipation even further. A discordant arpeggio filters in. Then, a blast of bass stamps its authority. This melds into a riser which is the final signal that the drop is nigh. We’ve already been taken on a journey by these morphs and shifts before the track even delivers its bassline and beat payload.

Then the drop is dominated by that arpeggiated figure, now laid over a foundation of a poundingly-percussive bassline. This tune’s unrelentingly driving, and as a series of sixteen bar switch-ups keep the energy high, it’s only the system-glitch transition into the sparse and shadowy breakdown that will give the rave even a moment’s respite. It’s intense, stomping D&B that’s going to give any dancefloor a workout.

There aren’t many who can test the longevity and workrate of the artists that make up Drumsound & Bassline Smith. And Shutdown is the most recent in a series of releases which prove that not many can test their sheer rave-wrecking abilities either.



Saturday, November 5, 2016

PRofit - True Colours

After the success of his last couple of singles, PRofit drops a banger with his debut album 
' True Colours '.
On 'True Colours', PRofit ably demonstrates the ease with which he can merge styles and pack a lyrical punch that resonates and engages with its audience. The album flows from track to track with each song taking you on a trip through the City Landscapes down the paths and lanes of Profits Life through turbulent times, parties and Nightlife to Electric Smiles.

True Colours features an array of producers (King Yoof, Skitz) and Veterans of the Mic including the legendary Chip Fu ( Fu-Schnickens) Mystro, Tibbs, Juxci D, Serocee, David Boomah and many more. On top of this you get Cuts from the 3 X DMC champ JFB. Then, just as you thought it couldn't get any better Profit added the legendary hands of Dave Pemberton and The Sea to the Mix.


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