Thursday, January 26, 2012


Bulabeats latest signing is Bristolian beat boy Dave Remix.   Drops  his Dubet ep  “ feel my Beat” on bulabeats   Feb  10th .
This is a massive Party Rocking ,Missile launching, Bass  in ur Bollix kinda  ep  ... co check it


1. Dave Remix feat Will Scarlett – (Come) Feel The Beat
2. Dave Remix feat Ewan Hoozami – Blow
3. Dave Remix - Shoot The Moon
4. Dave Remix – If He Gets Up
5. Dave Remix feat Will Scarlett – (Come) Feel The Beat (Instrumental Mix)
6. Dave Remix feat Will Scarlett – (Come) Feel The Beat (Oscar TG Remix)
7. Dave Remix feat Will Scarlett – (Come) Feel The Beat (Ewan Hoozami Remix)
8. Dave Remix feat Will Scarlett – (Come) Feel The Beat (Box Rocket Remix)

Up and coming Bristolian breaks producer Dave Remix releases his debut EP through Irish funky breaks label Bulabeats.
Renowned for his mash-up production and blistering live DJ sets, Dave moves into the realm of original production with his “Feel My Beat” EP.

The A-side “(Come) Feel The Beat” is a collaboration with Australian based MC Will Scarlett - a mid tempo breaks work out with tight lyrics and a bass line to match. A raft of devastating remixes follow:

  • Oscar TG (Red Robot & Oh That’s Good Music head honcho) delivers deep Dubstep with mellow beats, tight sample use and a wobble to make the bass bins shake.
  • Ewan Hoozami (Funk From The Trunk / Pig Balls Records) takes us into his world of mid-tempo breaks. Roaring bass and tight, crunchy percussion aplenty.

  • Box Rocket (Dave Remix & Ewan Hoozami) up the ante with a smorgasbord of amen drums and switching basslines set to tear the dancefloor a new one in their rave-meets-dubstep remix. Reach for the lasers!

“Blow” sees a head to head between Dave and fellow Box Rocket partner Ewan Hoozami on a scratch and paste breakbeat track to get the dancefloor jumping.

“Shoot The Moon” delivers some serious funk with a hands in the air bass and breaks work out.

Finally, with “If He Gets Up” Dave Remix ups the tempo in a funky trip into Drum n Bass.

This EP is set to ignite the world of funky breaks and herald the arrival of a new name on the scene… so do what the man says and “Come Feel The Beat!”

For more info on Dave Remix:

Dave Remix-Feel My Beat EP - Sampler- Bulabeats -bb0038- OUT FEB 10th by johnnypluse