Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The modern funk world loves the Basement Freaks so much that when Giorgos,
the head of Bombastic Jam, asked his friends to help him remix all his dope tunes,
people came running. The new Basement Freaks Remix album features incredible remixes
from the likes of Stickybuds, Pimpsoul, Slynk, Busta and The Funk Hunters to name a few.
Fourteen new tracks of pure awesome funk for your next dance floor adventure.
It's Basement Freaks, as told by some of the top players in the scene. Now that's Bombastic!

01. Cash Money (Stickybuds Remix)
02. Ya Need A Funky Band feat Quasamodo (Basement Freaks 2012 Re touch)
03. Lets Get It Started (Slynk Remix)
04. Dont You Wanna Party (The Funk Hunters ft Jamyn Remix)
05. Something Freaky (Pimpsoul Remix)
06. Records In The Crate feat Lozen (Nynfus Corporation Remix)
07. The Art of Afro (DJ Hero Remix)
08. Cash Money (Philly Blunt Remix)
09. BootyFunk (Some Dj Remix)
10.Lets Get It Started (Busta Remix)
11.Tetris Dub (Jazz K Lippa Remix)
12.Secret Scent (Timewarp Inc Remix)
13.BootyFunk (AUditors DOmination Remix)
14.Mission Jazz (mSdoS Jungle Mix)