Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Left of the Golden Era is the fourth mixtape release of Steely Chan, a production duo from Vancouver but currently based in Toronto. Every week we release a new remix available for free download. Our music is steeped in the source material of hip hop beat culture: heavy funk, soul, jazz, dub reggae, disco, psych rock, electronica, freak folk, brazillian pop, afrobeat & world music. In other words, any and all musics with strong rhythm and a healthy dose of funk.

Our latest compilation is another foray into mashup culture. Left of the Golden Era is a fusion of golden era hip hop with the heavy, raw funk sound of Dutch outfit, Lefties Soul Connection. The result is a throwback to a late ‘80s and early ‘90s hip hop aesthetic where James Brown funk samples and big drums were the sonic zeitgeist. However, everything old is “now again”. We think this new reinterpretation will appeal to a contemporary audience who discovered their groove via the nu funk resurgence.

Track Listing:

1. Mobb Deep & Lefties Soul Connection - Shook Ones Chop It
2. The Beatnuts & Lefties Soul Connection - Props Over Bam Bam
3. Das EFX & Lefties Soul Connection - Real Paul Newman Hip Hop
4. Nas & Lefties Soul Connection - Hard to Sling Shot
5. Pete Rock, CL Smooth & Lefties Soul Connection - They Reminisce Over Sling Shot
6. East Flatbush Project & Lefties Soul Connection - Tried By Bouncing Ball
7. Black Moon & Lefties Soul Connection - How Many Welly Wagging MCs
8. Tim Dog & Lefties Soul Connection - Bronx Fais Do Do