Tuesday, September 25, 2012



After several years making a large quantity of music in a variety of different styles, I am giving away almost everything I have ever written. But this is not an end, it's a beginning. If you are interested, I have written a few words to explain why I have come to this decision...

I realized recently how much I have missed playing live. My old band, Syte and The Sound, had some great times in the 2 years we were together but sadly split last year. I would regularly turn up to gigs with MPC, decks & mixer, guitar, bass, and synth, and play them all live during the show. You can't beat the feeling of playing live, when anything could go wrong in a second, but when you pull it off it feels amazing.

So, thanks to encouragement from friends like Cheeba, who strong-armed me into playing an MPC set at a recent Soundcrash party, I started playing live shows again. The shows were great, and I got the familiar rush of performing, but despite the positive reactions I quickly realised that something was missing as a live spectacle... too much head-down tapping and not enough audience engagement. What was missing was vocals, mainly, so I started writing full songs with proper structures, and performing the vocals myself. This was a complete accident - every vocalist I approached with music let me down in some way, so I thought I'd just do it myself!

This process has been massively eye-opening... I feel competent enough as a musician to write the music that's in my head, and confident enough to vocalise the words that are in my heart. I also feel like there is so much potential in developing a live show around the new material. It's proper self-expression, a shift in my perception, and I want to make a new start, focusing on my original sounds.

And that's where I am now... writing new material, that sound like 'proper' songs, with original vocals, and working with Substatic's Colleen Quinn to put together an album and a live show that I think will blow some people away. I will lose fans, there is no doubt about it... some of you won't understand what I'm doing. But I'm cool with that.

So this is a chance for me to draw a line under the music I have made thus far, by giving it all away for FREE, as a thank you to all who have supported me during my career so far. I will archive it all at some point, so grab what you can now if you want it.

Peace out for now, I'll be back with a bang soon.

Yeah, I know... TL:DR

One Love

Adam AKA Ewan Hoozami

TRACKS: This is everything I've done to date as Ewan Hoozami, except 2 current or pending remixes, which it would not be fair on the labels to give away. Also except for some material that will be on my new album.
There are 3 BRAND NEW tracks up for grabs - I've put these at the top of the set.

If you wish to make a donation, please make payments to ewanhoozami @ gmail.com via Paypal