Thursday, September 27, 2012


What is the Romanian Ghetto Squad, you ask?

Well, RGS was created to pursue only one goal:
promote the sounds of funk, hip-hop, ghettofunk and breaks
throughout Romania (and more...)

RGS is the "love-child" of 3 Romanian DJs:.......

FunkyDrop [UK]

FunkyDrop is the only Romanian DJ associated to the already legendary
label -

"The finest DJ we have seen to come out of Romania in the last few years.
A true GhettoFunk menace" - HQ

Genres: Ghetto, Funk, Ghettofunk, Dubstep, DNB, Breaks (Bass Music)

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DJ Sauce [RO / Facem Records]

DJ Sauce is a member of Facem Records ( and
he's also the tour DJ for several Romanian hip-hop artists: Raku, Dragonu,
Cedry2k, CTC, etc
Genres: Hip hop, Ghetto, Ghettofunk, Turntablism, Breaks (Bass Music)

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Meeloox [RO / tBMS]

The producer of the Bass Music Show radio show, aired on radios like: 
Ramp FM, Logitune FM, Radio, Citybeat Radio; 
has been an active promoter of breakbeat and all sub-genres 
for over 10 years now.

Genres: Breakbeat, Breaks, Big beat, Ghetto, Funk, Dubstep, DNB

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