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The Funk Hunters Proudly Present: A Shambhala Mixtape

This summer we were blessed with the opportunity to premiere our brand new 4-turntable Audio Visual show at Canada's legendary Shambhala Music Festival! 100% of our set was accompanied with live synchronized handcrafted visuals content and nearly all of the remixes, samples, and acapellas you hear within this mix were first turned into video files and then played live during our set on Friday night in The Fractal Forest.

Now home from summer festivals and about to embark on our Fall North American Tour, we've gone back into the studio to recreate the magic found in the forest that night in the form of this downloadable mixtape, so please DOWNLOAD and SHARE away! And thanks for all your amazing support this summer, it means the world to us.

Special thanks to: Rich-E-Rich & the Fractal Crew, VJ Electrabelle, MC Dash, Timothy Wisdom, Whiskey Chief, Smoothie, JBrown & the Mic Smith, Amp'l Beats, Honey Larochelle, Erica Dee, Daniel Harder, Chali 2na, Dub FX, Emotionz, Sweet Pickle, Longwalkshortdock, Tim & Rollie, Camp Moo, Natty Nat, Patty McDuff, Tarun Nayar, Woodhead.

Our live Shambhala set was originally performed on Friday, August 9th, 2012 alongside VJ Electrabelle, MC Dash, Timothy Wisdom, & the Whiskey Chief Horn Section.

WATCH the full AUDIO VISUAL version of this entire mix on YouTube here:

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1. The Funk (The Funk Hunters Intro Edit) - Maksim & Retrospect

2. Warrior - K Theory

3. ---> Where Ya At (Acapella) - JBrown & the Mic Smith

4. Push Back (Nick Thayer Inst Remix) - Profit Feat David Boombah & MC Shortston

5. ---> What Golden (Acapella) - Jurassic 5

6. Global Deceleration - Omega & Cualli

7. ---> Clean Air (Acapella) - Stickybuds & Mista Savona Ft. Burro Banton

8. ---> Stayin' Alive (Acapella) - Bee Gees

9. Get Funky - Habstrakt

10. ---> Jump Around (Acapella) - House of Pain

11. Bucovina (Kotch Remix) - Shantel

12. ---> Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Acapella) - O.D.B.

13. Take A Stance - The Breakbeat Junkie

14. Love is Love (Kool Hertz Inst Remix) - DJ Love

15. ---> Can't Help This Feeling (Acapella) - The Herbaliser

16. The Ritz - The Funk Hunters Vs Livingstone & Canosis

17. Cold As Ice (The Funk Hunters Edit) - The Funk Hunters vs Dads on Display vs Askillz & Nick Thayer vs Foreigner

18. The Funktotum - Stereocool vs. Fais

19. ---> Fire (Acapella) - The Ohio Players

20. Sound Around Town - Mooqee & Herbgrinder

21. Jungle Boogie (Kovary Remix) - Kool & The Gang

22. ---> Play That Funky Music (Acapella) - Wild Cherry

23. Slippery Addict - The Funk Hunters Vs Livingstone & Canosis

24. The Pocket (KrossBow Remix) - Blunt Instrument

25. ---> Trippin' At the Disco (Acapella) - People Under the Stairs

26. Ghetto Disco - The Funk Hunters & Timothy Wisdom

27. Grey Sky Blue feat NFA (Nick Thayer VIP Remix) - Nick Thayer

28. Filthy Laundry - Livingstone & Canosis

29. The Plan - The Funk Hunters Vs Livingstone & Canosis

30. U R So Fucked (Opiuo Remix) - Infected Mushroom

31. ---> Sucker Dj's (Acapella) - Dimples D

32. Born Ready - Gramatik

32. ---> We Got our Own Thing (Acapella) - Heavy D & the Boys

33. Road To Shambhala (The Funk Hunters Edit) - Livingstone & Canosis

34. To the Beat - Javier Morillas

35. Teresina - Odjbox

36. Jimmys Gang - Parov Stelar

37. ---> Exodus (Acapella) - Bob Marley

38. Countdown (2 Step Inst Mix) - Nu Jam vs Deekline & Ed Solo

39. --> Rock To The Rhythm (Acapella) - Cutback Feat. Federal

40. Battle for Middle You (The Funk Hunters Remix) - Julio Bashmore

41. Tequila Sunrise - JFB

42. Whole Lotta Drop - The Funk Hunters Vs Livingstone & Canosis

43. Bust a Fuze - WBBL

44. ---> Bow Down (Acapella) - Westside Connection

55. Coastin' (The Funk Hunters Remix) - Zion I feat. K. Flay

56. Do You Disco - Dads On Display

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