Tuesday, August 27, 2013


When Cast-A-Blast head honcho and Athenian producer Blend Mishkin was requested to produce the Φτηνά Χαρέμια (Fthina Xaremia aka Cheap Harems) e.p for the Grecian maestro's The Burger Project he certainly didn't envisage the creative tangents that were to follow.
Famed for their alternate takes on contemporary classics The Burger Project conceptualised this particular e.p with a view to digging deeper into traditional Grecian music and bringing it into the 21st Century, enlisting help along the way from legendary vocalist Matoula Zamani the e.p was released to great success.
With its ska inspired horns and skanking vibe already in place Blend Mishkin's natural passion for reggae infused music was instantly drawn to the Τσιγγάνα (Tsikana aka Gypsy Woman) track from the release and it immediately acted as inspiration for the project we bring you today.
Having expertly re-worked the original foundation into a new dancefloor friendly, rump shaking backdrop, the only thing then required to propel this masterpiece to the next level was to recruit a suitably talented vocalist with which to bless it.
After 35 years of consistently releasing ground-breaking hits through some of the most iconic labels in the industry (GG's, Studio One, Dynamite, Volcano, Techniques, Taxi, Powerhouse, Jammys, Hit Bound etc etc) the reggae pioneer and living legend Carlton Livingston could not have been more perfect for the job.
So with divine inspiration in place, a deftly crafted, epically proportioned instrumental formed and verbal blessings from a legendary wordsmith complete, Cast-A-Blast Recordings proudly introduce to you… a Born Troublemaker