Friday, September 6, 2013


Back the Music of Life Project to restore the tape archive to Digital and remix the classics, remaster the catalogue and reissue some lost classics and unreleased Classics.

Music of Life is an iconic and widely respected UK Ragga Hip Hop label of international repute and probably the most successful UK Hip Hop label ever.

Classic Artists such as Derek B, Hijack, Hardnoise, Demon Boyz, MC Duke, Daddy Freddy, Asher D, First Frontal Assault, Killa Instinct, Son of Noise and many others graced the label.

3 Knights "Burial Proceedings In The Course Of 3 Knihgts" is an up tempo (121BPM) Hip Hop production by HIJACK, remixed for 2013 by a host of UK Hip Hop producers from back then and right now.

DJ Supreme (Hijack)
DJ Mada (Son of Noise)
Alan Johnson (Hardnoise)
Spatts (The Criminal Minds / 32 Troop)
DJ Tones (Sublime Wizardry / 32 Troop)
Mista Bohze (Southside Deluxe)
Krash Slaughta (II Tone Committee)
Chrome (DEF TEX / Son Records)
Sure Shot (Blak Prophetz)

Due for full digital release in January 2014 it will be available in advance on vinyl in this Kick Starter Project to restore the tape archives of the label for remastering, reissue and remixing. The project funding stage runs from 5th September 2013 for 30 days and offers limited edition double Vinyl plus digital files of the release including instrumentals ahead of the the world and the chance to get on our VIP promo list for life.

Your feedback is important to us. You don't have to answer all the questions to download the files, just the important ones if you don't wish to.

Look out for future promos of a new 3 track EP from Bay B Kane on MOL!