Thursday, September 26, 2013


Here is the set we made for our very first Fractal Forest night at Shambhala Music Festival. Special thanks to Rich E Rich who invited us to this incredible festival and let us be a part of it. More ore less the most tracks we played are own productions, edits or remixes.

We hope you enjoy the mix


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Shambhala Mix 2013 Tracklist

Intro feat. Mystro
Hannah Williams and the Tastemakers - Get It (CMC&Silenta Remix)
CMC&Silenta vs Stickybuds - Late Night Warriors
Yesking feat. Mystro & Lady Chann - Secret King (Acapella)
CMC&Silenta - Nou La feat. Baby G & Valerie
Froxic - Fusion
Staunch - Gangsta Flop
Delinquent Habits - Lower Eastside (Acapella)
CMC&Silenta + The Funk Hunters - Swagger Bounce
Chali 2na - Lock S**t Down (Acapella)
William Breakspear - Mash Up The Scene (CMC&Silenta Remix)
Ragga Twins - Put Ya Hands (Acapella)
CMC&Silenta - Yeah Thats Right (The Phunk Junkies Remix)
CMC&Silenta + The Funk Hunters - Soulbeat
CMC&Silenta + The Funk Hunters - Glitch it
CMC&Silenta - Big Up Booty
Yanivi - Rock This Joint Feat. Bella Potchy
Jack&Juke - Ain´t Nobody (CMC&Silenta Edit)
CMC&Silenta - Let´s Dance
Äl Jawala - M.U.S.I.C. (CMC&Silenta Remix)
CMC&Silenta - Ghettoway
CMC&Silenta - Gues Who´s Q-Tip
The Baker Brothers - Snap Back (CMC&Silenta remix)
Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Razihel Remix)
CMC&Silenta - You Keep Me Hanging On
Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Acapella)
CMC&Silenta - California Johnson
CMC&Silenta - Supersonic
Modjo - Lady (Acapella)
Lunatic - Rock Da Freak (CMC&Silenta Remix)
CMC&Silenta - The Night Is Mine feat. Vanessa Iraci & BadKat
CMC&Silenta - This Is How We Rollin´ feat. Ragga Twins
CMC&Silenta - Rock Da Riddim
CMC&Silenta - Just A Little More
CMC&Silenta - Pata Pata Edit
CMC&Silenta - Chicks For Free
Busta, Timothy Wisdom, CMC&Silenta - System We Burn
The Funk Hunters - Whole Lotta Drop
Max Romeo - Chase the Devil (CMC&Silenta DnB Edit)
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Lewd Behavior Remix)
Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellites (Busta Remix)
Bob Marley - Jammin (CMC&Silenta Remix)