Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We Chat to RocStar Records Superstar Cakeboy

 About His Album , Cake , Girls , 

Peanut Butter and Dogs ..

1) Hey hows it going Cakeboy ?
I can't complain.

2) Were did u get the name Cakeboy From?

I get asked this a lot. Basically when i started getting my first breakbeat tunes together in the late 90's i hadn't thought far enough ahead to need any kind of stage name. Then when i started getting interest from club promotors i had to come up with something. 'Cakeboy' just came to me without too much thought really. It did suggest the cheeky and humourous element in my music though. I realised before long that i had unwittingly invented a new cartoon character, who i sort of became. I would act all crazy on stage and people would start to expect it.

3) Your Album “ Gateau Blaster” is About To Drop on Rocstar , u got a lot of influnces on it From Old school Breaks and Forward thinking Bass Sounds . Is the 90s Wharehouse Scene be a big influnce on your sound .

I never really went to those kind of raves to be honest, i was still very much a 'drummer in a band' and listened to other bands while the acid house thing was happening. I got into the electronic scene a bit later through bands like Ozric Tentacles, who then spawned Eat Static, then witnessed the rise of Underworld, Senser, Drum Club and all that crowd at the Megadog parties and at smaller raves in the countryside around Sheffield.. soundsystems like DIY and Smokescreen. It was all about the outdoors for me. In the late 90's i moved to Brighton, Big Beat happened and that's when Cakeboy was born.

4) With The Amount of Muisc coming out at the moment free and for sale , Do u think the “bootleg” sound is smothering original Muisc ,

I don't think so really. I've done a couple myself cause they are fun to do, always of an entirely different genre though (Slipknot for example). There are good and bad bootlegs out there. When you hear a quality one, the chances are the person who did it has made material of their own worth checking out. The crap ones are usually by people who aren't that skilled and it shows.

5) U got any tour dates for the album

Rather un-impressively, the answer at this very moment is no, appart from low key type stuff i do regularly in Cornwall.. But i have just joined the Rocstar Agency roster so it'll begin to happen soon. At this time of the Year i'm busy organising myself for festival season next Summer. You'll be hearing from me.

6) i suppose u better hype ur Album ..

Ok, well it's called Gateau Blaster. It's just me doing what i do. Early reactions have been overwhelmingly good. It would appear a lot of breaks lovers out there have not been particularly inspired by what's been coming out for some time now, but are liking my sound. I personally think a lot of broken beat stuff has become too glitchy and lacks groove, which is, after all,what makes you dance right? I'm all about solid grooves really. I've been really lucky to have collaberated with some great vocalists too, like MC Fusion from Credit To The Nation and MC Manic from Freefall Collective. Anyway, it's out 3rd November on Rocstar Recordings exclusively from Juno Download, then everywhere else form the 10th.

7) And Now for a Standard Rockin n Roll Question ......
How u been ever caught in a hotel with a girl thats had peanut butter smeared over her and a pet dog by her side?

I was never caught, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

His album “ Gateau Blaster “ Drops 3rd November on Rocstar Records

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