Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Bass Music. It’s hard to define but it’s happening. And soon.
There’s something afoot in the studios, the label meetings and the second rooms of club nights at the moment. Historically, every form of music that’s broken through has been both boosted and on occasion dangerously overhyped by the media’s frenzy to label, categorise and genre-fy it. However, at present, as half the deep-house unit continue to push a Nu-Disco utopia whilst others have subtly begun promoting ‘We Promise It’s Not Electro’, one growing movement remains curiously untouched.
So being lovers of variety, the new, the fresh and the experimental here at Data Transmission we thought we’d invite you to sample the sounds of the two of the emerging scenes most prominent figures in Cutline. Cutline don't just experiment with fleeting interest, though, they live for it. Their exploration of genres, both new and familiar, with an undeniably powerful production style is a testament to their burgeoning list of influences. From classical music and metal bands to hip hop, rave, jungle and drum & bass, Cutline have absorbed and obsessed over almost every significant musical genre you can think of.
Anyone who's seen the duo's incredible DJ performances can testify to that. Whether they're dropping the dirtiest drum & bass, exploding the dance floor with the latest in energetic electro house and dubstep, or pulling out a random classic, Cutline have the skills and passion to stitch together a musical story that's as enrapturing as it is invigorating and so we thought it was about time we invited them onto the DT podcast and introduced them to you via an exclusive mix. With an experimental attitude and a heavy slice of sub powered grit this is bass music circa 2013. This is Cutline.

For the full tracklisting head to - www.datatransmission.co.uk/podcasts/?podcast=354