Monday, December 2, 2013


This label was founded by N-Type in 2009 and over the last four years it has released some of the finest dubstep from the deeper, darker end of the spectrum.

As time has moved on other genres have started to appear on the label and so it is that for this new compilation of all exclusive material the label dips its toe into the waters of house, breaks and garage, as well as demonstrating plenty of the sound that made it so revered.

Wheelers & Dealers Volume 2” the definitive compilation of 20 bass driven dubplates from the W&D family! This volume brings Dubstep, Grime, Trap, Garage & Breakbeat into the mix, giving a snap shot of the sounds to come from W&D. The vibe of this compilation is Dark & Energetic with tempos ranging from 128 - 140bpm. Tracks from N-Type, Surge, North Base, LAXX, Biome & Fallen 45, Genetix, Widowmaker, Beezy, Konvex, Disposition & Sponge Bandits, Gully Cat, Crazy D, OktoRed, Twisted & Rakoon, FreeFont, D-Operation Drop.