Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pirate Jams - Happy Days

When you’re driving down the road and u hear on Song on the Radio that nearly makes u crash.
What do ya do , well if ur the Stanton Warriors u hunt him down and Sign to ur label .
Pirate Jams - Happy Days is a Trubite to those 90s Wharehouse Days ...
Its out Febuary on Punks , includes Remixs From Howla and Justin Harris .
Big Tune 

PUNKS029: Pirate Jams - Happy Days [Punks Music]
“Way back in the warehouse days of glory, we used to party to the break of dawn..”

Happy Days is Pirate Jams’ unashamed love letter to the cult rave era of the early 90s – a genre defining time for electronic music. No other time has left such a lasting imprint on a whole generation of artists and their music.

Justin Harris (Freaks/Hot Creation) turns in a stripped back 4/4 remix which oozes warehouse vibes. While Howla (Ghetto Funk) takes the original down to the mid tempo range and adds his own unique style of heavy synths and grinding bass.

“Heard this track on a London pirate radio show, the vibe and energy in it was so good we had to track it down and sign it. Raw n heavy yet uplifting and works on the dancefloor. A great addition to the Punks catalogue” – Stanton Warriors.