Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bush Doctors

New Album Of Disco Tinged Breaks From Bush Doctors

These two Breaks Legends came toghter to Reinvent there sound

The Result is  the Medicine Show

Go  get it

“In the distance the jungle drums are rumbling… the Bush Doctors are coming, bringing with them a whirlwind of black magic and sinister grooves that will send shivers up your spine and cold fear into the hearts of the funkless!”

Unless you’ve been living deep in the jungle you probably already know that Bush Doctors is the highly potent fusion of two of the main players in breaks from the last decade: TCR founder Rennie Pilgrem and Finger Lickin’ Records co-founder and Soul of Man, Jem Panufnik.

Perhaps you don’t know that these wizened, twisted old gallivanters, tired of heading two of the most successful independent dance music labels in the world, vowed to spend their retirement and immense combined wealth exploring the deepest jungles in the darkest, most debauched corner of the earth, only to be captured by a tribe of exquisite and lustful Voodoo Amazonians. After three long years of learning their wicked sorcery in exchange for unspeakable acts, reluctantly the duo escaped, dodging stinking zombies, blood-sucking vampires and a breakbeat dinosaur or two to bring back their newly-found, other-worldly wisdom of the dark arts to a hitherto cold and spiritless western world.

Bush Doctors Medicine Show is the fruit of their dangerous travels, an intoxicating elixir in which you can smell the funk and taste the souls of a thousand brazen banshees in grass skirts and fishnets. Apply daily and marvel in the results.

And now you can find these dark, twisted disco voodoo breaks in one place, no questions asked, discretion assured, at the only place crazy enough to store it: http://bushdoctors.bandcamp.com