Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jem Stone - Kiss The Boot

Jem drops a Freebie from back 1999 ,

He gets Prince into a Bit of a Funky breaks thing

Go get it

So here’s my booty from back in (appropriately) 1999, for the first time a full-quality AIFF just for you (ok it still sounds a little shoddy!). Made in just one day exactly 15 years ago, the beats are from Freaky Jalapeno - Gotta Get It ( ) which I was working on the same time, and I ended up using the White Lines-ish b-line as the basis for Soul of Man - Get It Girls ( ) a year or so later - and of course it single-handedly launched Prince’s career from shop steward in Dalston to world-famous superstar and renowned babe magnet. And did I get any thanks for it? Did I ’eck.
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