Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mad inc - Dubkinetic EP

SubSlayers Return With some Dubby Irie 140 Bizness 

Madd inc "Eeverday " is out March  28th 

We have a real treat for you here at Sub Slayers HQ with an EP full of underground hitters and scene makers and shapers. Presenting - The Dubkinetic EP!

First up lets introduce Madd-Ice who are the legendary Lennie De Ice along side KoolLondon.com veteran DJ Maddness aka Madd-Inc / Maddness KMA the UKG innovator responsible for Cape Fear & Kaotic Maddness
Together with the vocal talents UK icons Papa Levi and Daddy Colonel of the notorious champion Saxon Sound they bring us a jungle fused banger of a track called Everyday which crosses all manner of styles in what they call Dubkinetic the MULTI FUSION sound.

Stepping up on remix duties we have a big selection for you!
First up one of the undisputed new Jungle champion of the New York
Liondub who steps up the pace for a pure 175 Jungle classic!
Next up is Sub Slayers very own King Yoof who heads straight for the dance floor in a 140 fashion like only he can.
Bringing us a different flavor on a Drumstep tip is the Queen of the Jungle DJ Rap, need we say more!
Finally and by no means least the Madd-Ice boys get rough and rugged with a killer Drum and Bass remix.

Pure All Round Fire!