Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sigma Rudeboy VIP EP

Rudeboy VIP EP 
Life Recordings
24th February 2014
It’s fair to say it’s been quite a while since we’ve had any new material from Life Recordings, the imprint owned and run by drum & bass superstars Sigma.
Well the wait is thankfully no more. After penning a deal with 3Beat Records last summer and recently puncturing the charts as well as mainstream radio with their infectious anthem 'Rudeboy', Cam and Joe felt that 2014 was the right time to reignite the label and are kicking things off with something very special indeed.
With its mantra like hook, courtesy of Doctor, and old school jungle flavours, there’s no doubt Rudeboy caught the eyes and ears of many within drum & bass and to those outside it. To reopen the Life Recordings account Sigma present to you: 'Rudeboy VIP'. If the original was one for the radio then the VIP is aimed directly for the heads in the middle of the club dancefloor. Taking the catchy lyrics and bleeped out melodies of its predecessor, you’re lulled by the singalong nature of the chorus. But then, filtered breaks begin to build before all of a sudden you’re dropped into the middle of tearing half time, two step groove held together by hectic synths, totally rewiring the nature of the original to devastating speaker shuddering effect.
It doesn’t end there as a further two tracks round off this rather tasty EP package. 'All Because Of You' tips the more melodic side of the Sigma scale. Rumbling weighty sub bass is the foundation for a moody and musical workout, as unsettling yet hauntingly beautiful multi pitched vocals float over the top of the classy production laid down in front of them. Rounding things off is the high octane 'Energise'. A totally apt track title, it does exactly that in a way Cam and Joe do best. Pure club ready energy, 'Energise' combines ear catching synth patches and talkbox style riffs, giving any club crowd a blast of pure bass driven adrenaline.
This will just be the start of what plans to be an exciting year for Sigma and Life Recordings, with more music and releases planned for the duration of the year. For now throw your hood up, turn the volume skyward and walk like a Rudeboy.
CatNo: LFR005
Release Date: 24th February 2014
Vinyl: Rudeboy / Rudeboy VIP
Digital: Rudeboy VIP / All Because Of You / Energise