Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Strangerollers - Break it Down

Strange Rollers drop a Free Album of 140 bpm Ravetastic Tunes

Go get it !!!

Strange Rollers Aka Ritchie K drops his debut album 'Break It Down', 13 top tunes that really showcase his sound!

Firmly ensconced in the Breakbeat arena, Richie brings to bear all his talents across a wide range of 140 bass music. From the deep and dark sounds of 'Small Things' to the upbeat dance floor action of 'Break It Down', Ritchie draws on influences from the golden era of rave fusing them into his tightly honed modern sound.

No newcomer to the game Ritchie has been producing music in one form or another since the 90's from hardware based setups right through to the modern day all in one box solution that's showcased here in the depth an variety of his sound and techniques.

'Break It Down' is not just an album full of dance floor smashers, this selection of tunes from Ritchie is more of a journey, a journey through his experience of music, intrigued? Then get to know Strange Rollers be Rollllllin!