Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Death Beats - Free EP

The Death Beats Drop Some serious  Flithy Dubstep

The Type that would  make your stomach turn

Get there Free Ep on March 3rd 

The Death Beats are proud to present a brand new selection of hard hitting dance floor smashers headed up by the gut wrenching
bass lines and uplifting melodies of Dubstep anthem “Lock Me Down”.
Blending Old Skool pianos with sweeping saws and catchy vocals, Lock Me Down sports a soulful and uplifting vibe before dropping
into an explosive array of grinding bass lines and dirty synth leads. The accompanying tracks delivers a Molotov cocktail of styles
ranging from 8-Bit fuelled Electro vibes to in-your-face dance floor chaos under the guise of modern day Dubstep.
The Death Beats are set to make their first movie appearance in 2014 as their Drumstep anthem Backdraft will be appearing in the
Daniel Benmayor movie Tracers, starring Taylor Lautner.