Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ewan Hoozami - Interview

Here at Bulabreakdown we are a Fan of Bristols Cities

Finest  Beat machine and Recently turned singer Songwriter .

We decided it was time we had a Chat 

The Music Industry , Music and Girls , dogs n peatnut Butter and Puke !!

All in that order 

Well Adam/ Ewan ... Hows u Doin .. Were Did get the name Ewan Hoozami from !! .  
Hey man, I'm currently stricken with manful but aside from that I'm all good! I am never really sure if the name was a blessing or a curse… some people get it straight away, other people I don't think will ever get it - and to my European friends it's asking a lot of their English to understand. But then I've been called 'stupendously well-named' by magazines on occasion so it's got it's plus points. Basically, when I was a nipper I had a friend called Ewan Hale, which if you say quickly sounds like 'You inhale'… long story short I thought 'You n whose army' was quite funny. A few years later my brother and I started DJing and we needed aliases… I gave him the choice between 'Ewan Hoozami' and 'Awesome Welles' - he went for Awesome Wells and the rest is history. Incidentally my brother abandoned that monicker a long time ago and I've since seen other DJs with that name… biters lol.   

  Ur new Album “Robot Soul “ sees u Dipping ur Toes in a Bit of Song Writing and Singing , a bit o Soul and Bit of Funk . Which to be Honest is a Welcome Break for the usual “ Lets Get Ten Tunes for the Dancefloor and add some wobble Bass “ Type of Album . Was this a Hard  Transition for u ? 
  I think, in all honesty, the album had been brewing for a long time. Anyone who has followed my modest career to date will know I've never stuck to any one style for long - I wanted to become a good producer and songwriter, and I can't see how I'd achieve that by only learning how to do one genre, so my approach has always been pretty scattergun. But this is the first time I've really poured my heart into songs in a concerted fashion. It seemed a natural progression to try doing my own vocals once the songs started to take form - I've always written lyrics and was an MC before I was a DJ . I also believe that all music should be soulful - if it's not coming from an honest place it is literally worthless in my opinion. It wasn't like there was some master-plan to write an album or go in a different direction, either - it just sort of happened. I was feeling a little disillusioned with the wobbly bass stuff that I dabbled in but I wouldn't say ever felt comfortable with, and I just thought I'd see what happened if I wrote songs for myself.

Are u finding it Hard to Push original music At the Moment ?
I think we all know the music industry is pretty knackered at the moment, but I had the album signed to a fantastic label called Pedigree Cuts, who are working really hard to make it as successful as possible. I think it's hard to push music full stop - everyone is struggling, but there are plenty of reasons to be positive too. The biggest problem I face is that people I have two 'faces' - the Ewan Hoozami that plays with a live band, sings and writes original soul music, and the Ewan Hoozami that DJs to rock parties. I'm confident I can find a way to market both to promoters, but I don't really make it easy for myself! 

  What live Dates have u got in Support of the Album?
I've done album launch shows in London, Bristol and Brighton which have gone great - I have put together an amazing live band and am very excited about the future of the live show. We have more shows in Bristol on April 4th and 5th, and I am working on some more dates as we speak. Again it's tough because I won't play for peanuts and yet music has been devalued in our society to the extent that people see paying to see bands as some sort of insult. It's bizarre.

and Now for a Standard Rock n Roll Question ......
How u been ever caught in a hotel with a girl thats had peanut butter smeared over her and a pet dog by her side ?
I once found an insurance salesman in a travelodge lobby covered in his own vomit, does that count?

Cheers for ur time Adam !! Best of luck with  The Album !! Its out now !

Heres Were u can get it :)

Robot Soul is available at all good online stores inc Juno:

The lead single, Skin Too Deep is available in the same places - Juno:

featuring remixes by Mr Bird, and Handprint & The Time Twins