Thursday, April 24, 2014

MK Ultra

Only in the game for two years, 
Leah Nuit Culver aka MK ULTRA from Atlanta already left a firm mark on the EDM scene. Earlier this year she opened Ultra Music Festival Radio with Porter Robinson. And last year she hosted TomorrowWorld TV interviewing all of the biggest artists. Furthermore, she was named in Revolver Magazine’s top ten hottest females in dubstep to look out for. Played Counterpoint Festival, Magnetic Festival, Impulse Festival, and 420 festival and has been a signed published model for Click Agency for years. Now she's proud to present 'PICTURES' – her new smash together with Liz Primo, 

Beta Control and Tora Woloshin which already tops the Beatport dubstep charts at #15!

Out no on Beatport :

This track was collaboration between a lot of incredible artists so I can’t speak for everyone but to me this track is about wanting to live in a single moment with a person you love forever. It has always fascinated me how we human beings have created this contraption that holds the power to capture a moment in time and in turn creating a tangible copy to remember to help you relive that moment. This song is about wanting to relive that moment in time forever, living in a picture."
Her mom and dad raised Leah to believe she could accomplish anything with the right mental attitude. Ever since she could talk, Leah was always singing and making up songs. She taught herself how to play guitar when she was 15 by Google imaging chord charts and then sat for hours practicing them in different orders with each other until she felt comfortable playing them in any order. She used to sit down with her guitar and an open guitar case on the corner of Little Five, a popular square in Atlanta, making up songs and lyrics on the fly for passers by. She actually made decent money for a 16 year old and learned to play drums shortly after.

SHE IS MK ULTRA Episode 1 from D.V. Photography on Vimeo.