Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Perfect Kombo - Promo Mix

Check there single out 08/08/14 on Menu Music : http://tinyurl.com/mm2gpd6

Perfect Kombo is a leading producer and DJ from southern Spain as well as one third of Menu Music's very own Breaks Mafia. Part of the new wave of Breaks, Perfect Kombo has been spreading his sound every weekend at raves across Andalusia and beyond.

With that said let’s introduce his latest release: Intercooler & Generick

Both are twisted, heavy and melodic with crisp programmed beats and bass riffs that alternate between grimy and sharp. This release is set to get parties roaring.
Think Dog Blood meets Plump DJ's and you know where we’re coming from.

Keep an ear to the ground for Perfect Kombo as there’s a lot more to come from this Spanish young