Tuesday, August 26, 2014

House Of Cards

Legion & Logam drops there new Single “House of Cards “on Program
“House of cards “is a nice Deep Roller
“Solace “is a nice String Leyden Chilled piece of DNb
Both will Work on a Deep Dancefloor

Few artists can boast the same creative scope as Legion & Logam. Owning a back catalogue of melodic rollers which exemplify their lasting impression, the trio’s technicality often goes unrivalled.

It’s unsurprising then, that Program stepped up and showcased this exciting and pivotal release. For anyone unaware of their masterful production style, the artists have introduced themselves in two halves. And both tracks are delicately woven, sonic blasts to the aural senses.

The ride begins with ‘House of Cards’, tightly coiling its energy like a spring and snapping under its audible weight. Firmly compact with booming drum loops sat defiantly amongst the scratch, snap and skit of percussion, the two elements juxtapose flawlessly. The ethereal arpeggio of piano notes leads into the soulful, wispy vocal of Adam Wright, and it adds a delicacy to the record which only emphasises its detail. Nevertheless, it still holds an intimidating depth which begins to surge with power between each layer. Every break subdues your synapses into submission, as they struggle to intercept the icy allure that this track manifests.

Next up is ‘Solace’, a power house of emotion conveyed with each atmospheric pad succession. The melody weaves back and forth through a pumping-bassline, skipping momentarily, before driving the track forward and pulling every sound into a wave of command. The more humanistic elements are brought to the surface, despite being quickly submerged, ghost-like against its musicality. Relentless, dark and brooding, but full of clarity and sentiment, this record consummates a style which the producers are renowned for.

With an obvious nod to the liquid vibe prevalent throughout the dnb community, but turning it into something more distinct and imposing, this was the perfect project for both the imprint and the artists.

So once again…. it’s time to get with the Program!