Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lets Rock

Far Too Loud has become a staple in the diet of the world’s top DJs. Known for
his high-energy mix of aggressive funk, massive basslines and meticulous edits
he has dropped Beatport chart-topping productions, toured the world too
extensively to mention and reworked the likes of Crystal Method and Lily Allen.
Electrixx have worked with Flo Rida, had their music used in Disney films and
can count TiĆ«sto amongst their fans. They’ve worried the charts with tracks
it. as “Crispy Cake” and “Cyclus” as well as official remixes for Deadmau5
and Zedd; their production credentials speak for themselves.
‘Let’s Rock’ is the product of these two giants and it’s no less of a smasher than
you would expect; drawing you in with an infectious lead before the super saws
come out and offer you a huge build-up that’s only matched in intensity by the
chest-rattling drop. Grinding, winding bass is matched with crunchy snare
builds and hyped up vocal FX before dropping into a euphoric breakdown. Take
a minute to catch your breath, because it doesn’t take Far Too Loud & Electrixx
long to deliver a second drop that’s even more powerful than the first.
Released on 25th August on Sick Slaughterhouse ‘Let’s Rock’ is undeniably a
huge track from two of the Electro House scene’s hottest producers and it has
‘Beatport #1’ stamped all over