Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jungle General


For the 23rd release on Liondub International, the label looks to two legends of their respective areas for a new double-A side in fine style. Ranking Joe is one of the top talents of the original Jamaican deejay scene who remains active to this day, and his mellifluous chat brought him fame from day one and remains very much unchanged to this day.

Marcus Visionary is a pillar of Liondub International and a legend in his own right, and here they contribute one brand new tune and a radical revisitation of Ranking Joes tune and riddim of said name "General." From the beginning of ‘Ram Dance Selecta’, Joe’s rapid-fire flow sounds perfectly at home over the riddim, and he takes the tempo transitions in total stride as the tune alternates between drum-heavy breaks and more relaxed reggae vibes. All of his inimitable vocal technique is in full effect, with multisyllabic tongue twisters rolling rapid-fire over the drum breaks.

The duo’s “Jungle General” is a harder interpretation with a more aggressive re-version from Marcus with battering amens and super sub freqs. Instead, with its hard bass stabs and shifting drums, it serves as a showcase for the deejay’s vocal dexterity as he raps, and rolls his flow around rapid-fire percussion changes. It’s two tough contributions from two vital artists, and it sends Liondub International strong into summer festival season and finally into Fall 2014.