Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Love MY Bass

Freestylers are back with more bass infused madness. The legendary duo are back in your eardrums with a double A side as we head into the end of the summer season. The two tracks are called 'Love My Bass' and 'SkAcid'. Love My Bass is a Big Bassline House anthem in the making. Big snarey snaps, garagey chords and of course the BIG hooky Bassline. 

This one will no doubt be smashing dances around the world. SkAcid - as the name would suggest comes from the Freestylers love of Acid House and Dub Reggae. From the outset you feel like you're on a journey of a meeting of places.Supersonic stabs accompanied by a thudding deep sub-bass, keeps your head bopping and your legs moving. 

Whether you're dancing through the streets of Notting Hill Carnival or watching the sun come up on the White Isle, this is a certified Freestylers smash.