Friday, October 17, 2014

Andrew Diggs - The Ghost

Andrew Diggs Drops His new Single

The Ghost

On Bass = Win

The ones for the bass lovers

Remixs come from Rico Tubbs, The Bsn Posse & Jay flames

For Me the Rico Tubbs Remix Is a Winner !!

Andrew Diggs has gone by many names over the last few years and experimented with many genres. If it was DJ Vicious in his Drum & Bass days or Noizy Boi when making and playing Dubstep, he has always been evolving. Bass=Win has caught up with him in his, ummm, in his? Well, lets just call it Jackin' Tech phase. Sharp snares and ominous bass makes 'The Ghost' into a new form of dancefloor banger!
Remixes comes courtesy of boss man Rico Tubbs, The BSN Posse & Jay-Flames. As always Bass=Win sticks its middle fingers up at genres like a 5 year old boy, full of Red Bull, out of the back window of his mums car, at the people standing at the bus stop! We don't give a f**k and we don't care who knows!