Thursday, October 23, 2014

Loop Maffia - Og Krush

Out Now !!! Juno Review :

From his inevitably glitzy abode in Poland, Tomasz Ochman aka Loop Maffia, has been running his soulful hip-hop family with some seriously tough love (rumours of horses' heads in the beds of detractors can't be verified at this time). Here he drops the OG Krush EP, and although we've no idea as to the significance of the title, we certainly understand his silky beats. There are two tracks two choose from - the deliciously sumptuous orchestrated loops of "Analogue" and the deeper stop-start jazzy soul vibes of the title track. Once again the don's come heavy!

Loving Analog....great track 8/10 ( featurecast – Ghettofunk )
Yeah pure vibes on this, very nice! 7/10 ( Hong Kong ping pong – Scour Records )
Cool chill out beats, stuff for weed smokers as i can recognize. 7/10 ( Prosper – BDP Records )
DJ Support : Featurecast ( Ghettofunk ) Dj Moneyshot ( Solid Steel ) ,
Dirty Dubsters ( Irish Moss ) , Sammy Senior ( Ghettofunk ) , Hong Kong Ping pong ( Scour Records ) , 
Prosper ( BDP Records) , Lebrosk ( MixMag)
Loop Maffia drops his 2nd EP On Bulabeats . 
The OG Krush ep is a classic example of Chilled Hiphop Vibes ..
All Done ina Mpc Stylee !!
Loop Maffia :
Bulabeats Records :