Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tear The Roff Off

Out 27/10/14 on Ruff n Fresh http://tinyurl.com/lgx6kfc

Ruff N Fresh Records are back with an absolutely massive collection of remixes for the killer of a tune Tear The Roof Off by Wizard vs PYRAMID.
We set out on a mission to find three artists that would compliment this track with power and something new and different at the same. We were not disappointed. The results were spectacular.
First up, UFO Project slapped us in the face with a great breaks banger remix. Really taking the original and adding their own flair, this one builds with huge toms alongside the tracks signature vocal and drops into a real dirty breakbeat destroyer with banging drums and a gnarly bass line. This one is definitely gonna get the breaks head moving and will ignite dance floors everywhere.
Up next, Dodge & Fuski bring the tempo down for a total tweaking Glitch Hop monster. Kicking off with a sick, almost guitar like lead line, this one gets you moving straight away with a huge rolling live drum line building and building into an absolutely mammoth drop. The Roof will definitely be torn off here with an apocalyptic level 808 kick/bass combo that bounces along with more groove than you can shake a stick at. Add in the percussive leads and robotic mayhem this one is a sure fire winner.
Last but definitely not least, Save The Rave bring in an electro house take that will rip your head off and inject pure adrenalin in your veins. From start to finish this one is LOUD. Huge drums, raw bass lines and screaming leads, this one is all about the rave.
So stop reading, turn up the volume and TEAR THE ROOF OFF!!

Wizard vs PYRAMID - Tear The Roof Off "REMIXES EP"" is available on Beatport exclusively from October 27th and the rest of the world two weeks later.