Monday, November 10, 2014

Ephemerals - You Made Us Change (AOTOA Remix) - Free Tune

Ephemerals Drop there new Single

"You Made Us Change "

On 011214 via Jalapino Records

AOTOA Get there hands on it and Give it

A slo mo Bassy work out

Get on it , Its Free

Ephemerals continue their unstoppable ascent with the incredible single You Made Us Change.

One of the highlights from their Nothin Is Easy album, single You Made Us Change is the sound of young British soul king Hillman Mondegreen meeting the raw power of ephemerals NY vocalist Wolfgang Valbrun. The songwriting and the delivery combine to make it one of the most emotive soul records of the year.

The entire Nothin Is Easy album was recorded live to tape in 3 days at London’s cowshed studio and the incredible urgency of that soul soaked session is immediately apparent.

Little wonder Blue & Soul described it as “essential listening” and Uncut as “eminently listenable”.

Remixes on the single come from Dutch disco house stalwart NSFW who pitches the vocals down and lays them over a pounding bass groove. Ephemerals label mate AOTOA delivers an atmospheric double time dub workout and finally mid tempo electronica remix courtesy of Antenna Happy.