Friday, December 5, 2014

Neon Steve -All Things Neon

Neon Steve drops an Album!!

You get all his Tunes

For a Tenner

Heres the Story about It

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This is a compilation of some of my fav tunes I've written over the past couple of years. Half are songs either unreleased or previously sold on labels, and the other half I've given away for free on my Soundcloud.

Here's the backstory. I'll keep it short...

I was recently taken by my booking agent for over $6000. After going public with it, I received a lot of emails from friends and fans suggesting I start a crowd funding campaign so they could help support (I love you for offering!)

I'm not down for just straight up asking for $$ without giving something in exchange though, so this is my solution. I've asked some of the labels I've worked with over the past few years for permission to sell my music as part of this compilation. 18 tracks for $10 but if you'd like to contribute more, I'm not against that!

Big ups to all of you who have supported my music in the past and continue to do so today! It enables me to continue chasing my dreams.

Side Note: I have no idea how this will go down but if it somehow makes more than I lost I will donate all excess to charity