Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#POANWOT - Mixtape #11

Manchester-based hip hop producer Mac Real comes forward with the eleventh mixtape in his 
#POANWOT series.

Originally hailing from Birmingham, Mac’s production roots lie deep in grime - with his name recently getting dropped by Japanese emcee Pakin in an interview with Vice’s Nick Chester.

A highly talented beat maker, since his early grime days Mac’s love of hip hop has led him further into the realm of dusty breaks and smooth texturised samples that comprise his unique style of boom bap.

With guest appearances from Blah Record’s Black Josh, Tokyo-based Meecrazybrain, French emcee Rimcash, London artist Tony As, Essex spitter Bebe V, Misha B (of X-Factor fame), Birmingham grime artists Romo and Inf Diggy, and local rising talents Wordz and Ess Da Squire, #POANWOT 11 showcases a range of talent that reaches beyond the UK into Europe and Asia.

The new release features a plethora of slinky, fresh hip hop beats from Mac; merging UK and US stylistic influences on the production angle with features from a gifted array of vocal collaborators. Topping all this off with a bonus mix, which blends skits and original productions with some of Mac’s favourite hip hop tunes, on #POANWOT 11 Mac showcases a fistful of underground talent whilst also shouting out some of his personal rap idols.

The #POANWOT brand, which stands for the “product of a next way of thinking”, emulates Mac’s wider perspective as a producer and music lover. He explains: “The way you think […] is not the way I think. It’s not necessarily new, but it’s something different. So when you say different, it’s next - so that’s why I say it’s a next way of thinking. People go ‘a new way of thinking’ - it’s not new, it’s just something you haven’t thought of.”

Garnering further support from Manchester’s fast-rising BPM crew and Birmingham’s CloudGang Collective, as well as write ups on publications including The Noise Gate and SUPMCR, Mac looks set to break out from the underground with his most recent selection of grime-laced beats and niche up-and-coming artist