Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10 years of Westway Records - Carl loben Interview

We catch up with

Carl loben

Of Drum Monkeys / West way Records.

The Label is Celebrating 10 years in the Game

So we chat about the Label , Hipsters 

 And Breaks with Bollox
From what I can see, the Vibe of the label is engrained in the DIY Punk Ethos, Mixed with
The Old School Reggae Party Vibe. Can u give us a Quick story about how the label came about?

CL: I first met Barry after doing one of his first ever Dub Pistols interviews for Melody Maker, and then we bonded over a trip to Italy when the Dubs were supporting Tricky. We got too fucked to do the interview out there, so arranged to do it back in London... and then got too fucked again! From there we decided to set up a club night – and then a label.

10 years in The Breaks Game is a long time!! Do you think personally that Breaks will ever get the Respect it deserves or is better to have a “Fuck Them “Attitude?

We're not strictly a breaks label now, but we started with breaks cos the sound had more bollocks. It's come back round again now – but is still largely an underground sound.

Can give a Brief introduction to your Artist Roster?

We've put out releases by a shitload of people. In the early days we snagged a guy called Madox from Italy, who is now Riva Starr. We also put out Marten Horger's early releases as Boogie Army, and have released other original material by Cut La Roc, Dogtown Clash, Pete Jordan, Drum Monkeys, Access Denied, Dirty Tricks, Killaflaw, Rumblefish, Sangers & Ra, D-Funk and Myagi.
In terms of remixes, we've had cats like the Lo-Fi Allstars, Dreadzone, D.Ramirez, Utah Saints, IDC and Zero B all doing revamps.

Do you think Hipster / Trustafarianism has Ruined London’s Music Scene and Culture?

No, big business has.

Have you got anything you want to Hype for the Birthday celebrations?

We're not really having a party as such — partly cos we can't really remember exactly when we started!

And Now for a Standard Rock n Roll Question......

How u been ever caught in a hotel with a girl that’s had peanut butter smeared over her and a pet dog by her side?

Barry has many, many stories of rock & roll excess, but you'll have to wait for his autobiography until you hear about most of them!

DogTown Clash – Jack Me is out now on Westway Records