Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirty Freud - The Oedipus Compmix

Dirty Freud

Is a UK Based

DJ / Producer

Who Likes Tunes

Dark , Bassy and Funky

Check This Mix !!!!

This is my latest mix featuring remixes and original tracks from Dirty Freud, check out how I blend different genres to make it a truly Dirty Freud Mix.
What people have said about me
Guardian "Dark and dirty from the depths of electro-dub comes Dirty Freud. With an infection sound that'll get you moving."
DJ Mag ""Able to Switch from Leftfield material to more dancefloor stuff with ease""
Dave Haslam "Dirty Freud is imaginative and very listenable. Reminds me a of Holy Other in parts"
Amazing Radio "DirtyFreud takes you for a journey through weird experimental & atmospheric sounds mixed with a raw industrial garage feel. Moody & energetic, watch out!

1. Ringa Ringa Roses – Dirty Freud
2. Say my name Remix – Cyril Hahn
3. Au Seve Remix – Star One Remix
4. Tears For The Savage – Dirty Freud
5. Belispeak II – Purity Ring Feat Danny Brown
6. Freak Reign – Dirty Freud Feat Sasha Pannu
7. Heartbroken Remix – Dirty Freud
8. The Crows All Liars – Dirty Freud
9. Organ Donor – DJ Shadow
10. Whizzing Through Time & Space - Dirty Freud
11. Embalmed - Dirty Freud
12. 99 Problems Remix – The Prodigy
13. Myths & Madness - Dirty Freud
14. Dark Energy - Dirty Freud (Afferent)
15. Rolling In The Deep Remix – Dirty Freud
16. Hard Rain - Dirty Freud Feat Jose Martell
17. In For The Kill Remix - Skream