Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Odjbox - Oak Sessions EP


Has a new EP

“Oak sessions “

The lead Track

“Penguin “

Is a winner

A Swing Hip-hop Hybrid

Guaranteed to make ya

Head Nod!!!

Out in March

UK producer Odjbox, presents ‘Penguin’ from his upcoming 'Oak
Sessions' EP out March on EMI's KPM production label.

Hailing from the West of England, Odjbox (Ollie Johnson) has been
producing and creating music for many years. Initially producing
Electro-swing-esuqe music his style has since developed to cover a
wide range of genres that, as a general rule, fit into the broken-beat
category. The last year has seen Odjbox remix Flux Pavilion
(Circus/Big Beat/Atlantic), Nas ‘Made You Look’ and Arthur Conley’s
1967 hit ‘Funky Street’. Current and soon-to-be collaborations
include projects with Akil & Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, UK hip-hop duo
Too Many T’s and of course plenty of original solo productions.

Odbox’s wide range of influences and pop-dynamics brought him to the
attention of EMI, who last year formed a new, artist led library
series, KPM Shorts. The choice to make the 6 track Odjbox ‘Oak
Sessions’ EP the debut release on this series is testament to the
producers skill and EMI’s longstanding reputation for recognizing
ability & talent.

It’s impossible to pigeon hole Odjbox so we won’t try, but in a
nutshell expect clean, concise musical ideas presented in the shape of
contemporary, accessible and predominantly electronic popular music...

‘Penguin’ sees Odjbox tip his hat to the funky, swing style that
first made him. Featuring a swaggering groove, his inimitable low end
synth sounds and a bucket load of skank, this one is dancefloor ready.

"Although my ‘sound’ may be less focused on the swing world these
days; it is and always will be a huge influence to me. Penguin was
envisaged as a bit of nod to that. I hope it’s as fun to listen to as
it was to write." - Odjbox on 'Penguin'