Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rene la vice - Hotblooded - Ram Records

‘Hotblooded’ is the next output from Rene, which perfectly follows up the success of its predecessor. A creeping, eerie vocal track which explodes on impact and ricochets throughout, ‘Hotblooded’ yet again exposes his monstrous capabilities as an electronic producer.

The cinematic roller hastily brings you forward on clashing percussion and a distorted reece, creating a conundrum of carefully crafted chaos, but one which Rene’s commands. Perfecting his art, it ingeniously merges a more humanistic element with the smash, crash and reverberating instruments which have given him notoriety.

Then up next is pulsing riddim ‘Bill Folderson’. A snarling slab of bass propped against driving, pounding drum loops, it’s a nasty flipside which pedestals Rene’s spectrum of creativity. Snips of sample separate shaking hi-hats after a resounding break. Compact, yet an intimidating roller, it embodies a murkier side characterised by former productions such as ‘Pipe’ and ‘Freudian’.

And finally, comes ‘Combustible’. Rene is no stranger to dipping into a wide range of genres. With elevating synths and pumping bass, ‘Combustible’ offers up a fresh uptake and clearly points to Rene’s background across an array of styles. A seismic build up leading into a stomach-lurch drop gives images of packed out club-nights and the late-night atmosphere which this kind of record is renowned for detonating.

So here comes the highly-anticipated next single from Rene LaVice. After the attainment of his last single, and the critical acclamation which was met by remixes from the likes of Nero, The Prodigy and Rae Morris, prepare for the spotlight to be held firmly on Rene for quite some time.