Saturday, August 29, 2015

When 5am - Get In Love

Get In Love / Castlemorton’ contain the wholehearted aesthetics and harmonious sonics that the label holds close to it’s heart, whilst packing an undeniable substance that will see them drawn for time and time again. The delicately crafted title track ‘Get In Love’ features a silver-tongued xylophonic synth arrangement that’s underpropped by soothing pads, an opulent vocal performance as well as well thought out percussion and drum provisions.

On the flip, ‘Castlemorton’ continues on a similar vocal tip to the A-side. Featuring dramatic chord stabs, a captivating bass line and a swelling arpeggio topping, drawing for more of a rough and club-ready vibe that elegantly counterbalances this well-to-do EP.