Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cockney Nutjob - Head's Boppin' EP - Scour Records

“Easy now cadbury swirls n lemon squeezers, and welcome to the brand spanking-skanking new Artist EP from our favourite Mary ‘Jane’ Poppins impersonator, the one and only, apples-and-stairs-cor-blimey-gov’ner-ave-a-banana living legend; Cockney Nutjob! (as I live and breathe)
The Jungle Book’s King Louie has already stopped by to grab his copy of this EP - whilst on his never ending quest for the secret of mans red Fiyah! His feedback form is a little tricky to read, it says something about being a VIP and monkeying around…but it’s mostly covered in glitter, party poppers, and faeces and, well, plenty enough DNA evidence to get him locked up quick-sharp. But we don’t care! King Louie is never wrong!
Four rippling muscular monster reggae-tinged bangers each vying for your attention like eager tiger cubs trying to get at your milky teats, n’aaaaaawOWW!
Cockney Nutjob, he’s back from the jungle and he’s delivered the Fiyah!”
Cockney Nutjob
SoundCloud: @cockneynutjob
Scour Records
SoundCloud: @scourrecords