Friday, November 20, 2015

Baileys Brown - Techknowledge [Daily Operation]

Baileys Brown is a London born, Bristol raised producer whos roots are firmly placed in the Bristol Hip Hop scene and sound. Having helped forge the sound of the new wave of Bristol such as Split Prophets, Twizzy and Central Spillz, he has an incredible back catalogue of bangers.

His talent is matched only by his diversity, having worked with High Focus talismans Dirty Dike and Leaf Dog. He also turned his incredible ear to singers, which saw him team up with the likes of Eva Lazurus (Dub Mafia), Marie Lister (Duval Project) and Jay Wilcox (Represent Band). This is an artist whos thirst for originality has brought him on an incredible journey leaving many brilliant milestones on its way.

'Techknowledge' represents his never ending quest for originality. While based in Hip Hop, the sound is informed by the UK Bass Music scene and beat crafters such as Flying Lotus & Bonobo.

Baileys Brown

Daily Operation