Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DJ Cartier Bars With Carts ft BLIVE

DJ Cartier is one of the most active, prominent and influential garage DJs in the UK. Currently one of the brightest stars in UK Garage, his popular Rinse FM show is shaping the genre and is notorious for always laying down well informed sets that encompass a wide variety of styles - he is regarded as one of the best selectors in the scene.
Garage Nation resident since 2008, DJ Cartier’s "Bars With Carts" mix tape series, started as a homage and history lesson to UKG MC’s and UK Garage. It has gained in popularity and Cartier has gone on to perform for the legendary Boiler Room as well as being part of the Ministry Of Sound Essential Garage team and now Rinse FM.
A self confessed MC's DJ, Cartier loves vibing along while the artist spits, cutting and chopping tunes and bringing something fresh to the dance' Bars with Carts showcases the diversity in the scene, bringing through new talent and scene Veterans.
'The series was all about letting people know that UKG MCs had a real talent. The real supporters of the scene knew that typical shouts of 'olly olly olly' bared no resemblance to what Garage stands for and I wanted to showcase some of my favourite artists' - DJ Cartier
'Bars with Carts' Vol 16 is Cartier’s most anticipated mixtapes yet, featuring one of his biggest UKG inspirations B Live.
UKG originator, multi-genre award winning MC that shares Cartier’s belief in musical diversity and progression. B Live's been away from the scene for a minute, spreading his skills and scooping up awards across the board in other Bass music genres - but it's like he never left.
Undisputed lyrical don, B Live steps back into Garage without missing a beat. His multifaceted bars exhibit his talent as a masterful of story teller mixing metaphors with metonymy as he describes the true reality, both positive and negative of the life in the UK. Blending classic bars with fresh material, B Live’s passion for UKG shines spectacularly alongside DJ Cartier's seamless selection.
Hold tight, ‘Bars With Carts’ Vol 16 is a 20 minute ride of pure UKG vibes - with no handlebars.
1 - Reach - Woz
2 - Lickle Rolla - Blowfelt
3 - So High - DEA Project
4 - Tenderly - Disclosure
5 - Wickedest Ting Instrumental - Geeneus
6 - Bouldaz - MJ Cole
7 - Terrible Instrumental - Entourage Crew
8 - Got Myself Together - Dom Perignon & Dynamite
9 - Want It Back - Dj Narrows
10 - Woah Instrumental - So Solid