Friday, November 20, 2015

Funk N' Beats Vol 2: Beatvandals Mini Mix

Following on from 2013's hugely successful Funk N' Beats compilation, Bombstrikes now deliver the eagerly awaited 2nd instalment in the series. 

As with its predecessor, Volume 2 is immaculately and thoughtfully curated to include some of the labels finest funk bombs and jams, including some exclusive new material alongside some classics re-edited and remastered. 

With a track list slammed full of choice cuts, killer classics, undiscovered gems and brand new exclusives, it looks like Bombstrikes have been tirelessly digging through the crates on this one to license in material from their label contemporaries. 

If having the full length versions of over 25 tracks wasn't enough already, there is also a continuous mix that has been skilfully crafted together by the labels co-founder and originator - Beatvandals.

Check The Beatvandals Mini Mix!!!!