Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fallen 45 - Top 5 Tunes

Bulabreakdown caught up with Manchester Based

Dub Steppers

Fallen 45

They got a new EP out on Dub Police At The Moment

Here is there

Top 5

Dub Police Tunes :) Of all Time 

5. Caspa - Jeffery and Bungle

I used to work on a radio show around the time this came out and and we played it every week for a long long time!!!! it also killed every dance floor in 2005!

4. Badklaat - Passage

A wicked tune thats really minimal and uses space brilliantly been playing this one a lot in my live set!

3. The Others - Africa V.I.P

A seminal Dubstep classic that got played at every dubstep rave ever in the early days with some wicked artwork to go with the release!

2. Conquest - Forever

Easily one of the most memorable Dubstep tracks of all time it had universal appeal when it was released it should have ended up in a film!

1. Caspa feat $pyda - War drum

$pyda was one of my favourite Mc's back in the days of jungle and when i heard about this i knew it would be big!
caspa came with a really interesting track i love the super fast bass that sounds almost like a kick drum at the main drop!
caspa at number 1 with this face melter!

Fallen 45 - To Fall or Fly Out Now on Dub Police