Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Himalia - Distances Remixed [Pegdoll Records]

Following the success of Himalia's album 'Distances' and the subsequent inclusion of 'So Long Ago' on the seminal Cafe Del Mar 21, 'Distances Remixed' becomes the cadaver for a number of handpicked producers for Pegdoll. This latest project rides the waves of Drum 'n' Bass, Electronica, Future Garage and House music.

The reinterpretation of 'Distances' delves deeper into Himalia's psyche, providing a fresh perspective that complements the original release and beyond.

The opening gambit is the Bristol duo Despicable Youth with 'Distances', reinvigorating the album title track and who's Drum'n'Bass credentials continue to rise due to support from Loadstar and Friction.

Sieren, fresh from his releases on Project Mooncircle, Finest Ego and collab's with Robert Koch drops a mesmerising version of 'Falling' that guarantees cranial movement.

The Sakima led vocal 'Kingdom' gets a rework from Barefoot who's rhythmic downtempo texture only cements the reason that his productions are being played by the likes Synkro, Lung, Eleven8, Btraits and Phaeleh.

Thostey's eccentric approach to music becomes evident with 'Love Is A Drug' where he combines a modern beat ridden soundscape with shades of the Midnight Express soundtrack.

'Distances Remixed' shines the light back on Himalia's talents whilst offering new outlooks from a group of consummate producers.