Thursday, December 24, 2015

KACHINA - Heisenberg EP [Affectionate Grooves]

Hot on the heals of Affectionate Grooves' debut release 'Smile' , the label returns with 4 more killer tracks from Kachina dropping the highly anticipated 'Heisenberg' EP .

In stark contrast to the Smile EP, Kachina takes you down a much darker road with what can only be described as them taking a more spiritual angle on UK bass music.
'Nightmare' gets proceedings underway with dark and ominous beat shuffles and "belly-sucking" baselines. Title track 'Heisenberg', oozes dark London club vibes, with grime-like beats and a bassline that connects with the streets.

'Back Before U Know It' is a subtle but bassy stepper for the breakers, with 'Crazy' rounding off the EP with an angry bassline house track with ragged electronic synths, tying in elements of dubstep, grime and house into one seriously dangerous tune.