Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jurassik - Close EP

Out NOW on Beatport, the heavy fyah!

London-based producer Jurassik is one of the new wave of artists combining jungle, garage and grime flavours into the rich matrix of roughneck riddim that is UK bass music in 2015. His new EP is a crystallisation of the sound that he and Hot Cakes partner Deekline have been laying down at their regular sold out Hot Cakes events in the capital and across the country over the past 12 months, a four-tracker custom-designed to keep the dancehall firing on all cylinders until the early hours.

EP opener "Close" is a classy big room breakbeat garage jam cut through with searing diva vox, heady organ stabs and snatches of dubwise effects laid down over a bumping b-line and killer two-step groove. A serious pure fyah shockout to shake up any soundsystem.

Hot Cakes head honcho Deekline joins Jurassik in the studio for "Fantasy", an elegant yet rowdy slice of percussive, 808-fuelled peaktime UK bass heaviness. "Dangerous" is a brooding string-fuelled foray into atmospheric grime-influenced territory, the producer firing on all cylinders with a booming, ragga vox-fuelled kick and clap groove. And finally "Dubwise" throws down a jungle-garage hybrid riddim that dips deep into sax-fuelled, synth-pad heaven before getting heavy on the drop with a pitch-perfect organ and rolling bass groove.