Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sounds Of The Treehouse Mix [Noisily Festival]

Event Date: 7th-10th July 2016

The Treehouse Stage is Noisily’s oldest permanent structure, and in 2016 it returns for the festivals 5th birthday with a Bass Music bill that will have the blood coursing through your veins, and your bones shattering beneath the weight of frequency. 

This year is our biggest yet, and there are chunky plans afoot to enhance the glorious sawtooth smelting pot further still, so you delightful Bass nuts can wallow in that delicious Bassy Nectar to your hearts content!
From Bristol, legends Koan Sound top the bill and are undoubtedly one of the biggest names to descend on Coney Woods. With influences as broad as Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Prodigy and Noisia, the intelligence and thought that has gone into their production is evident when the bass hits the speaker. In support is Hospital Records’ Reso, who’ll be bringing his brand of high energy Liquid DnB, and Bass Music monolith Culprate, a Koan remix regular.
Noisily residents Atomic Drop are back to lay down the law with their outrageously high energy sets, and we also welcome the return of Mr Oli Cash, AKA Far Too Loud, who’s impression on the industry has included over a decade of dance floor destruction. Outrageous behaviour!
Shogun Audio’s Joe Ford is back amongst the ferns after a one year hiatus to drop bombs, joined by the phenomenal Grouch In Dub who returns after just 12 months in absentia with his brand of psychedelic, squelchy Dub. Grouch’s Progressive Trance set last year on the Liquid Stage was the most well attended at the festival, but his Dub act is equally delectable.

Following suit in a similar vein, is the spellbinding Kalya Scintilla. Scintilla’s intricate productions echo the skills he employs under the guise of his Progressive Trance act Merkaba, who you can find playing on the Liquid Stage. In his own words, Kalya Scintilla’s music confesses to “traversing the cosmos, sliding across dimensions beyond time and space, bring universal shamanic journeys through his music”! Best get yourself up there with a couple of cocktails and hop on board then!
Kursa jumps into the fray, delivering an outrageous helping of squelch, lashings of glitch, and an unruly dose of bass. Naughty. Whilst Disprove, Pitch Black, Soliton, Seppa and Mike Wallis will be rabble rousing the troupes, followed closely by Broken Note, Bunkle, The Chicken Brothers, Lone Drum and Nimbus.

As always this relatively new musical movement of Glitch and Neuro finds support across the board from it’s faithfuls, with heads and ears turned from the Techno/Trance crowd who descend on Noisily each year. In support of all the stellar artists mentioned above, there’s a whole lot more bass for you face. The Treehouse is back, prepare yourselves!