Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tantrum Desire - Nationwide Rocker [Technique Recordings]

The Tantrum Desire brand has been closely associated with the type of big-room epic style that have turned drum and bass into a mainstay of the mainstream. 

We all know, though, that there's always an undercurrent of twisted experimentalism, which comes to the fore in “Nationwide Rocker”.

It opens in a dark and techy landscape, suggesting we're building into a display of neurofunk technique. And then we're dropped into something that isn't quite categorisable. It's hard, dancefloor music, built from a stripped-back rhythm sequence and a succession of expertly-twisted basses. This is the collision of raw, visceral energy with that trademark slick production science. If you didn't know about the layers of Tantrum Desire's capabilities, here's where you can find out.

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