Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dreamtrip & Submosis - Bright lights, Dark rooms

Dreamtrip & Submosis are proud to unveil their new album “Bright lights, Dark rooms...”. Taking three years to make, and releasing on 29th April in all good digital stores, this showcase of electronic music, will leave you wanting more...

Befriending each other during college, Dreamtrip & Submosis come up with evocative melodies and chest thumping basslines. Trying to push their own soundscapes and add a unique perspective into the electronic scene, this LP is their voice unto the world.

“Bright Lights, Dark rooms...”, tells the story of the darkness that envelops one’s soul when becoming too disconnected from reality, and instead interfacing with analogue and digital machines. Different time periods, intersected by different minds from the same pool. Highs and lows are converted, to give you a slice into how their minds work and feel.

Dreamtrip is plugged into the machine at all times, feeling every electronic genre in his veins, yet his love for music has no shape or form. Submosis is always looking to push soundscapes and blend genres together. Their light and darkness are captured within these 8 tracks.