Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jason Laidback ft. Simm - Namechecka!

After releasing 'Namecheck' at the end of last year to rapturous receptions from crowds, press and radio alike (9/10 in Mixmag. Played by Monki on 1Xtra, featured on the EDM Network) Jason returns with 'Namechecka!' the 11th release on Nightprowl & the official remix of Namecheck. This time, in the spirit of the original, he has brought a bona fide dance music legend to the party.

The package kicks off with a breakbeat laced Leeroy Thornhill remix that invokes the hedonistic acid-house raves of the 90's but with a distinctly contemporary groove.

Next up Jason presents his very own rework in the form of 'Laidback's UK Mix' which sticks to a more traditional, euphorically rave-tactic structure but still manages to sound fresh and funky! But lets be honest here... That's Mr. Laidback's trademark!

All in all, another great release from Nightprowl and Jason.